5 Machines that suck in your Gym

I was a NYC health club personal trainer for along time before Krank-BK and there were a few things I noticed. One was the most people have the tendency to gravitate towards the machines. I mean the all the free weights would be completely empty, floor space, empty, but their would be lines of people waiting for the exercise bikes, and every other machine in the club. Well at Kranksystems we don't have none of that sh$t, we'll show you how to get better health and fitness results with out that garbage!


Look, at least you made it to the gym, that's a big accomplishment. To get up in the morning before work or come in after a long day in the office is a big deal. I'm just saying 1) lets not waste the little time we have using shit&*y gym equipment and 2) let's not to get injured while trying to get into shape.


Ok here's the list:


1) The seated AB Crunch


  5 Machines that suck in your Gym




Wow, does this thing suck!!!



I've heard trainers and TV ads pump this thing as the machine that will give you rock hard defined abs. Well, it doesn't.

One, you have to sit down to use it, as if we don't sit down enough at work. You can't burn many calories while sitting.


 5 Machines that suck in your Gym




Two, the machine folds you up like a taco, which places an excessive amount of stress on your lower lumbar spine (lower back). It's like the machine and you are trying to force one of the disks in your spine to shoot out of your back. This machine can really mess you up!




Don't touch it.




2) Hip Abduction and Adduction Machine


 5 Machines that suck in your Gym



These 2 contraptions are supposed to get rid of saddlebags, tone and firm your inner and outer thighs. Yeah, OK…


Spot reduction is a lie. It's almost impossible for you to just drop fat in a specific area. Just like you can't choose where you want the fat to go when you gain weight.


The abduction machine doesn't even workout any muscles, what it does do is strengthen a lay of connective tissue called Iliotibial band (IT band). The problem with that is often already tight as hell!!





 5 Machines that suck in your Gym




When you sit for extended periods of time the knees stay bent at 90 degrees so the IT band as well as other muscles become shortened and stiff and your butt (glutes) are elongated, weak and stretched which causes a muscular imbalances.



All this stuff can cause some serious knee pain not to mention piriformis syndrome which your sciatic nerve becomes compressed, that sh#t hurt like hell!! The abduction machine will WRECK YOU.

 5 Machines that suck in your Gym




Just like abduction the adduction machine will cause muscular imbalances by strengthening the muscles of the inner thighs, which will cause something called patellofemoral syndrome. It's basically a sharp pain under or around the kneecap, most common in women and runners. 










3) The Smith Machine


 5 Machines that suck in your Gym 5 Machines that suck in your Gym




I get it, it seems safer because its stable and has hooks or whatever, but its most definitely not.


The reason why this thing sucks is because it doesn't allow your body to move through a proper natural range of motion; you are restricted by the rail that guides the bar. This can put some serious stress on the joints, especially the knees and shoulders.


Another reason why this piece of fitness equipment is WACK is because since the weight is guided by the rails and has an internally weighted pulley system, it does most of the work for you. Your body doesn't have to work to stabilize the weight, which means you burn fewer calories. Now that a huge waste of time.



No Good





4) Leg press machine


 5 Machines that suck in your Gym


I have mixed feelings about the leg press. First thing you have to ask yourself before you jump on it is "why am I using it." The problem I have with this thing is muscle isolation. Our body moves and is part of something called the kinetic chain. What that means is when we move any part of our body another muscle reacts and moves as well to create a natural fluid movement.


When you strengthen one muscle and neglect other movement dysfunction occurs and causes a weak link in the kinetic chain, you only as strong as your weakest link. It also doesn't create the need for you to stabilize your abs and lower back in order to move the weight since your sitting down. The back pad takes the place of your torso as the stabilizer. It's pretty much none functional in everyday life and athletics. That's why your able to push tons of weight on this machine, but try to squat that same amount of weight and you'll be in for a rude awakening.


For athletes like bodybuilders it's a great tool. Their goal is to get muscles as big as they can, not to get strong. So with the leg press they can isolate and blast away for muscular growth.




Bodybuilders, do your thing.

Everyone else just squat and lunge.




5) Seated Torso Rotation


 5 Machines that suck in your Gym




Wow!! This should take the place of the electric chair!! HAHAHAHA, well it's pretty bad. I theory it's suppose to rid you of love handles, but it doesn't. Remember the whole spot reduction thing, it's false. If you've got love handles your first step should be some dieting or at least start to get yourself off of the junk food.


The main problem with this machine is that it locks your hips in place while you rotate your upper body. Check it, your midsection was not designed for that. your abs, lower back, your entire trunk area was made to decelerate rotation and stabilize.


 5 Machines that suck in your Gym

All this machine does is beat the hell out of your spine, which can cause all sorts of disk problems. It rotates at the exact area where your spine is supposed to remain very stable.

Rotational movements area important in sports that involve throwing and striking but those movements incorporate the hips and thoracic spine (upper back) and this machine restricts movement in those areas.



Pour gas on this thing and light a match!!







I’m not 100% against using machines but your personal trainer should be able to find much better options for you to meet your health and fitness goals. If he or she even try's to put you in one of these contraptions kindly ask for your money back and cancel your gym membership.





If I missed anything or if you have and questions and comments feel free to speak your mind below!!




pixel 5 Machines that suck in your Gym
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