The Best kicks for Training


People ask me all the time what are the best sneaker to workout in.

For the most part I tend to lean towards the minimalist shoes for my all around training. I've seen too many people who basically screw themselves up with running shoes.



Why are running shoes bad??


Raised heeled running shoes are extremely unstable this instability causes lack of balance and can lead to tons of injuries.


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For one high heeled running shoes as well as other heeled shoes are one of the biggest causes of knee pain because they throw your whole body out of alignment. Since your feet are in a limited range of mobility because of the heel they are forced in a unnatural angle, so all of your body weight is pushed forward towards the balls of your feet.

Now that all that weight is focused on that one small area of the knee causes you to tense up at that joint and work harder to keep you upright and balanced.

While in that forward position this multiplies the pressure on the shock-absorbing cartilage under your kneecaps!

Also that limited range of ankle mobility will cause injury all the way up the kinetic chain of your body with every step sending that multiplied energy back up your legs and wrecking your knees, IT bands, hips, lower and upper back as well as your shoulders.
I know all that from a pair of kicks with heels.
They look nice though…
Well here's one plus!
With the right training program and pair of sneaks you could possibly fix most if not all of those problems you may be experiencing!!
Why a minimalist shoe??
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Well for one you could avoid all that other bad stuff you get from a heeled shoe.
But the other 3 reasons are:
1) They help you feel the ground.
   Our feet have nerves in them that send information to the rest of our body to let us know where were at in relation to the ground, this is called proprioception.
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Our feet have nearly 200,000 sensory receptors in them, so just to keep it simple wearing a minimalist shoe helps you be less clumsy.
2) They allow you feet to move naturally.
    Most other types of shoes don't allow your feet to move the way they were designed to. The foot and ankle have 26 bones (One-quarter of the bones in the human body.), 33 joints and more then 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. All  these work together to provide the body with support, balance, and mobility.
Now can you see why it's important for our feet to remain mobile??
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Often times tightly laced shoes, high tops, high heels or hard soles just force you to develop crappy movement patterns because of the lack of mobility. Just read the above paragraph again if you forgot what could happen if you screw with the kinetic chain.
images 10 The Best kicks for Training
Damn, I love them Dunks though!!
3) They are light weight
The shoe doesn’t add much to the weight of the lower leg, and allows the foot to swing back to the ground with a neutral, natural motion and you won't have to work as hard.
Just show me the kicks already!
1) The Nike Free
images 31 The Best kicks for Training
The shoe is made out of one piece of fabric on the upper portion which makes it feel more like a sock than a shoe and extra deep Nike Free flex grooves which give the Free’s their natural movement feel. Plus if you go to the Nike ID site you can make up some sick custom colors.
2) The Vibram Five Fingers
Vibram FiveFingers KSO Men Full 190x240 The Best kicks for Training
These are like wearing almost nothing at all, they're really low to the ground. The mesh at the top of the shoes prevents gravel, rocks and other junk from getting in the shoe and irritating or injuring your foot. The hook and loop strap secures your foot and provides you with a flexible fit. They are pretty hot.
I dont have any of the other one's but have heard nothing but good things about them. The description below of each shoe is from
3) Minimus Life MW10
images 8 The Best kicks for Training
The New Balance Minimus MW10 is a barefoot-inspired wellness shoe for athletes seeking to help their bodies adjust to a more natural stride. Intended as a recovery shoe for runners, the slipper-like feel and superior comfort make this shoe appropriate for daily casual wear as well.
4) Saucony Hattori
1469902 p DETAILED The Best kicks for Training
Slim and ready to hit the road, the minimal feel of the Saucony Hattori runner helps train your foot to your racing regimen. The impact pads on the heels, balls and toe protect your foot from rough terrain while still remaining lightweight. Saucony recommends using this shoe as a training tool one or two days a week to enhance your pre-race regimen.
5)Merrell Pure Glove
images 21 The Best kicks for Training
This minimalist all-terrain Pure Glove adventure shoe cuts bulk while keeping bare essentials to let your feet scramble hassle-free. Add in a Vibram® sole underfoot for flexible foot protection.
6) VIVOBAREFOOT Evo Running Shoe
YL D1 300x300 The Best kicks for Training
The Evo supports the biomechanically-correct movement of your foot by using a flexible construction of vented mesh, Latex rubber, and a supportive memory foam insole. Hit the trail and a 4mm thick sole allows your foot to naturally roll through your stride while providing ample traction over slippery roots and durable protection from sharp rocks. With your feet inside these microfiber-lined shoes you can glide down the trail supported by eight-ounces of near-barefoot Nirvana.
All right so if your tired of tripping, getting hurt from running or working just get yourself any pair of these kicks, get back in the gym and KEEP MOVING!!!
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