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What's the Dealio!!!

Time to start buring that fat!!

It's hot, layers are coming off so let me stop talking and lets get to work.




This workout is a 20 minute timed set which means you do as many sets of each movement as many times as you can.


The whole goal each week you do this is to improve work compacity.

You can adjust it which ever way you see if just adhere to the basics of program design.


So if you play with the numbers correctly you can have a house wife, a grand mother, a pro athelete and a complete begginer all work together even though they have completely different goals. Remember in order to do that you have to play mix the sets, reps, weight and rest time up differently for everyone.


The program that I'm giving you assumes you have a good level of strength and conditioning and preform each movement safely.

Make sure you warm up correctly before you start the workout!!!

If you aren't sure how to do each movement don't do it!


Work out


20 minutes


20 Sqaut Jumps Or Box Jumps


12 Reverse Lunges Or Altermating Lunges

Ladies 15 lbs / Guys 25 lbs


20 Dead High Pulls

Ladies 45 lbs / Guys 75 lbs


That's it!!

Simple right?

I didn't say easy but it is simple and effective!


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Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

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Brooklyn, NY 11201


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pixel Burn Fat Burn | Brooklyn NYC weight loss | Krank Systems
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