Can women really bulk from lifting heavy? | NYC Personal trainer

Hey let me ask you a question…

Have you ever thought that you were that type of person that just gains muscle fast?

Or that your legs, arms and (or) shoulders are just big, always have been and always will be?

Or if you start (keep) lifting heavy that those areas will just get bigger?

Your not alone, most women do. 


In this post I want to answer all of those what if's for you. I also want to explain what may be happening if you know for a fact those areas that just gain muscle rapidly are noticeably getting bigger.


If you haven't already read, HERE==>> is a post on why women should be lifting heavy sh&t.

Check it out!


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It's common belief in the training inner circle or meat head trainer crowd or anyone that has read a fitness magazine that women cannot build like mean from heavy lifting. It's all explained  in the  article link above.

So if this is in fact true, why are some women's jeans getting tighter by the day from those damn squats and lunges??


Lets first understand what exactly is a training program and what's suppose to happen your body while on the program.


A training program in it's simplest terms is to figure out where you are now and where exactly it is you want to go for the long haul. It takes a planned structured program to yield the results most people are looking for.

It take 4 years to graduate collage, it's gonna take a little over 3 months to change your life.



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Don't believe the hype men

Your program should take in to account, your current movement (baseline capabilities),  how long you've been in your current state of fitness, eating habits and measurements (weight, body fat, circumference), also if your goals are performance based the coach or trainer should know strength, speed, vertical jump, long jump etc… if need be.



It should be on a charted course for exactly what your long term results should look like, not just a WOD.

You feel me?



Muscle building 

Most women, not all, but most want to be lean. Not ripped or jacked but for some reason they are gaining muscle and clothes or fitting a bit tighter around the thighs.

Now I do a lot of reading, I mean a lot! Just so I can stay up to date with all the new breakthroughs in this constantly growing field of training. Everything that I have ever read suggest that women, if they do everything thing in their power to gain muscle and get jacked naturally (NO JUICE) can only gain about .75 pounds of muscle a month.

.75 pounds!!!

That means if they stuff their face with protein and carbs, bang out sets all day 5 days a  week and sleep 9 hours a day to recover they will only gain 9 pounds of muscle in one year.

How do you feel about that?


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Only the top 1% of the entire female population has the genetic potential to gain more muscle then that per year and most of those women have competed in some sort of olympic event or are on TV doing some crazy exercise.






This 1% would gain muscle by looking a muscle building book or tying their shoe laces for an hour.

They make the make the men of the world that want to get swole tear with envy.




 Can women really bulk from lifting heavy? | NYC Personal trainer










So why the hell are my jeans getting tight??? 

Alright first thing I need you to do is grab your thigh right now.

If you can pull out a nice, juicy hunk of meat, I hate to break it to you but it’s not muscle, it's fat.

If you have someone with super jacked ripped legs in your next to you grab their legs and feel the difference. You'd probably only be able to just feel skin.



It all comes down to the calories your taking in. 

It takes extra 3,500 calories to gain 1 pound of fat and from the research it does't matter how much more you eat, workout or sleep you ain't gaining muscle that fast cause it's just not in your genetic potential to do so.

Yea it's easy to get fat for a good portion of us.


Sucks right?!


So lets just your caloric maintenance (the amount of calories needed to maintain your current weight) is 1,500 calories, but your eating about 1,700 calories you could gain possibly gain over 20 pounds in one year.

200 extra calories a day  X 365 days in a year = 73,000 calories extra per year

73,000 / 3,500  =  20.86 pounds

Now of course training can offset that 20 pound gain, but never the less your still gaining fat, not muscle.



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Take aways

Your training program should plan for the long haul. It didn't take a 3 months to get in to bad shape, it isn't going to take a month to get lean and toned. (Damn I hate those words)

Women have a very, very, very hard time gaining muscle. Expect for the 1% or juice heads.

Don't eat a more then you need to. (easier said than done, I understand)

Get a coach that understands all this crap,  help you figure out how to structure you eating and training program.

Stay focused and remember why you started in the first place.



Keep moving,

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