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Sometimes we look at people with great looking bodies and say, “damn I wish I had those genetics”. Bottom line is great genetics or not It still takes consistant work and effort to get those types of results. 


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I know it gets frustrating trying to decide what type of workouts to do and what nutrition program to get on. 



Just fire up google and you’ll find no shortage of info that’ll show you the best ways to transform your body. The amount of fitness guru’s out there has grown to insane amounts. 

Just take an online course and you can be one too, HAHA!! (maybe that’s best saved for another blog post) 


However the principals for achieving a better body haven’t changed much, good coaches just know how to get it done way faster. So… What the hell is the problem, why do we have so much access to info but so many people are still having trouble with getting into shape? 



Information overload. 


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This information overload is causing what is referred to as “paralysis analysis.” 

Their is so much damn info the your stuck not doing anything but just trying to figure out what to do. I know you feel it, I’ve felt it before. 




We jump from program to program or tried a every weird exercise some air head, hot bodied trainer has told us and still don’t have what we want yet.


The fact is, we know more or less what it takes to get the results we want, but for some reason we don’t follow through 100%. 


We take a little info from this diet, then a little from that one, then add agave nectar because we heard its good for you, but still want to do a lower carb diet. BTW agave is a carb, don’t use it! 


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But let me ask you this question…


What do you think the results would be if you just:


1. Drank a gallon of water a day

2. Slept for at least 7 hours

3. Worked out on a structured program 2 times a week

4. Took fish oil 

5. Ate veggies with every meal and snack

6. Walk for at least 20 minutes a day


If you completely just ignored everything else and just followed these little steps what do you think would happen? 


Well let me tell you.  


In a week, you would feel like a boss.  

In a month, you would shed  5 – 15lbs of fat.

In 90 days you WILL look completely different. 


Those little habits are far from complex. 


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K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid is the philosophy of every successful person that ever lived. So we have no business diverting from what worked and continues to work. 


Don’t ignore the basics because some jerk off is trying to sell you a high tech 5 day fat loss, flat abs, shitty complex program, it don’t work. 


One of my mentors once told me that you are the sum total of your habits, good or bad. We look the way we look, act the way we act and have what we have because of our habits.


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Changing your body comes from developing good habits. 

Take a second to write down that list of 6 action items. 


Don’t add anything or take anything out, remember, K.I.S.S., thats all you need to feel better and look better without all the fluff. 


Keep moving,

Dan Salazar
Krank Systems Brooklyn
2 Prince St 8Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11201



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