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Let me ask you a question…

Are you ready to lean out a bit and get swimsuit ready for this upcoming summer?


Or do you want to throw a little lean muscle on that body while burning off a little excess winter chub? 


We'll if you said hell yea!! Then I laid out a couple of simple rules for you to follow that will not only keep your metabolism ramped up this whole summer while allowing you to enjoy BBQ after BBQ, but will have your lean all year round. 


Here you go! 





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1: Hit 2-4 Sessions a Week of Heavy Resistance Training To Burn Body Fat.


Yea, It sounds scary, and I get it. However, Heavy is relative. What is heavy to a 46 year old mother of 3 is completely different  to a 26 year old ex college football player. 


To burn fat, we must create enough stress, physiologically, so the body is forced to use a ton of energy in the shortest period of time.


The effect will cause a metabolic disturbance. This will in turn force your body to seek to return to your pre workout state of balance by using all available fuel storages, namely fat, for fuel to reach homeostasis, balance. The result will be fat burning, lean muscle building and a ramped up metabolism! 


The formula:  Lift weights at 75% to 90% of your max with a short rest period. That means no 5-10lbs weights! Sorry ladies and gentlemen but ain't nothing gonna happen throwing around little weights like that. 


Knock out multi-joint movements that use big muscles like squats, deadlifts, lunges, pulls, rows, pull ups, and presses.





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2: Fellas And a Few Of You Ladies, If You Want To Put on Some Muscle, Focus on Really “Stressing” Your Muscles


If the goal is to build lean toned muscle, you need to apply a lot of tension or stress to the muscle. The more you stress a muscle, the more your body seeks to adapt. Remember, homeostasis. 


Stress can be added through, weight, tempo, volume, and intensity. Follow some sort of structured training program that will allow you to safely alter these variables over time. How many people you know that just go to the gym and either:


1) Do the same exact "routine" all the time without changing any variable and still look the same 


2) Just do a bunch of random exercises, sweat a little bit and expect their body to change.  


Again you need to vary your training, slightly, over time to force your body to adapt and change.


The formula: Alternate your current "routine" between high volume training, something like 4 sets of 8-10 reps, 75%-80% of your 1RM and heavy intense training like 5-10 sets, 3-6 reps, 85%-90% of your 1RM every 3 to 5 weeks. Don't forget tempo, speed of the lift is a great variable to increase intensity with having to increase the load. 





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3: Intervals Beats Steady State Cardio


Steady state cardio like jogging teaches your body how to do the most amount of work using the least amount of energy. work.


Areobic training just isn't efficient enough to help burn fat. I don't know about you, but between work, family and all the other fun things I love to do, I just don't have enough time in the day to run for an hour 3 times a week, especially when I'm not seeing the benefits of looking like a stud in swimming trunk. Ha!! 


The body just adapts too quick to repetitive aerobic exercise.  So if I once burned 500 calories from running a mile, over time, because of adaptation I will have to, inevitably have to run 2 miles to burn the same amount of calories. 


However, intervals work best because it applies a lot of metabolic stress to the body the same way that lifting weights with short rest periods does.


The formula: You have tons of options with interval training. You can use kettlebell swings, sprints, jump rope, etc.. 


Try 10-15 sec sprints with 20-30 seconds rest.  Hit that up for 20 minutes tops and watch the fat melt off! And you'll still have time to do the things you really love to do outside of working out all day. 





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#4: Eat Good Food


Yea this one is a no brainer! 
You can't out train a crappy diet unless your 

1) An athlete and working out is your job 


2) You ain't got no job and can workout all day every day. 


Remember, you have 168 hours in a week and even if you trained for an hour a day, every day you'll still have 161 hours to screw it up by munching on food that don't promote fat burning and lean muscle building.  


Eat REAL foods.


Whole foods require more energy for the body to digest, they are more filling thus allowing you eat fewer calories without even trying.


Now I have to say it is possible to to still go over your caloric requirements by eating real food. Calories can sneak up on you through carbs such as fruits, potatoes and rice as well as fats. So slamming a grilled chicken salad with avocados, nuts and cranberries drenched in olive oil can still be a calorie bomb. 


On the other end, if you cut your calories without ramping protein, you'll lose muscle along with the a little fat and your metabolism will free fall. This will cause you to gain the fat back even faster when your diet is over and you increase your calories again.


Know what your what your macros should look like if your goal is fat loss or lean muscle building. 


The formula: Eat high-quality protein and fat at every meal.


Only opt for startchy and high glycemic carbs on workout days. On your none workout days keep the carb intake from 50-100 grams. 


On every 5th – 7th day carb up to between 150-400 grams a day based on your training program and energy level. And be sure to stay away from booze, that stuff doesn't help with getting you to look good on the beach let alone be healthy. 




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5: Just Relax A Bit


Stress can ruin everything. It'll have your hormones in an uproar causing you to store more fat than you burn as well as not allowing you to see the progress your making. You must teach yourself to manage your daily mental stress.


Hormones play a major part in fat burning and muscle building, so take a chill pill. 


The formula: Trust the process. If you are following a structured training program, have your nutrition dialed in and are tracking progress you can tell if you are are going in the right direction and course correct if need be. 


You got this covered! 


Hope this list helps. Now get to it! Summer is only 11 days away, but you have time to get started on getting back in shape. 


Do Work! 


Dan Salazar 




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