Have You Picked The Wrong Trainer? Part 1

Alright summer is here and most gym goers are either looking for a trainer or already have one.


I’ve been coach for awhile and working out a good portion of my life and i gotta tell you I have seen some crazy things trainers do with their clients.

Look even I have had and still have coaches I work with, it's important! You hire someone that has more experience then you in exercise, business, finance or whatever and these guy and gals are suppose to help guide you and teach you the steps to get to the direction you want to go.

We I gotta tell you some of these dudes are frauds. When I was younger i hired a coach and didn't get anything out it but a waste of time and money.

So I'm just putting this article out to spare you the grief I went through and to let you know their really are some good coaches out there.

If you've had a bad experience with a trainer or are feeling kinda “Iffy” about the girl or guy you are currently working with this article's will help you figure out whether your working with a good coach or a cracker jack trainer.


mean Have You Picked The Wrong Trainer? Part 1








Trainer #1

The crusher!!

This guy will beat you up then throw the kitchen sink at you. When you first start training you may associate pain with results. Remember the day after your first workout, places on your body hurt that you didn't even know existed. Was it great?! It felt like you did something and you were actually getting closer to your goal.

The reason you may have experienced this initial pain is only because a new movement was introduced to your body.

Let me tell something anybody can come up with some exercises that can cause pain and sometimes even injury with no benefit.

But only a real coach can get you the results your after.

A coach should push you a little further then you would go on your own. He or she should know what you are capable of based on assessments that they perform and feed back given. The feed back a client gives a coach is not only verbal but is also physical. A gaze, blank stare, seemingly unfocused, shift of the knee, a missed step or just tiredness, the coach should unjust accordingly and get the most out of each session depending on the situation.

NOTE: Some days you need to get completely obliterated!! It's important, it's character and mental toughness. But you don't and shouldn't get smashed every single session.






biceps Have You Picked The Wrong Trainer? Part 1



Because for machine bicep

curls she needs a spot.







Trainer #2

All in your face

This guy doesn't really know much about personal training let alone coaching. He may seem super attentive to your needs but is only doing it because he doesn't know how to train at all.

Well let me not say "at all" he knows how to make you feel as if he's doing something beneficial. He extra attentive for no reason at all.

He probably has you on tons of machine based exercises. Your never doing big scary movements like squats or dead lifts because he or she doesn't even know how to do them.

I have nothing against machines like the leg press, chest press, chest supported row, etc… I think they are important and are relevant for exercise, however if you aren't in rehab or injured I feel you have no business being put on a machine.

Tons of research have shown free weights to be far more superior to machines. Free weights promote faster strength gains, recruit more muscle fibers which in turn will burn more calories is fat loss is your goal, more versatile which can be used to simulate real world experiences.

You see, for the most part the majority of the population sits down all day anyway so coming in to the gym and sitting down on a machine that pretty much assists you and guides you in a designated direction wont do much for you.

One thing though machines are safer and easy to use and don't require much guidance. So your bum ass trainer who doesn't know much about training doesn't have to think or even know how to do the movement. All he has to do is count and stand really close to you so he seems relevant to your training.

Every trainer should be able to teach a client a movement with verbal cues and be able to physically show how it's done.



bench press negatives 199x300 Have You Picked The Wrong Trainer? Part 1




Take a guess.

Is he spotting the guy on the bench or curling the bar??




Trainer #3

Its all you man

This guy makes you need him.

Ever seen someone bench pressing, the guy benching clearly can't get the weight up so the trainer basically lifts the weight up off the clients chest while yelling "Come on you got this, it's all you, it's all you!!"….

No dude it really wasn't all him. It's was all you and you just got a better workout then your client.

Granted their is a technique called forced reps. This when you can't move the weight and are lightly assisted by the spotter so you can squeeze out another rep or two, however this is a really advance technique so over 95% of clients don't really need to use it.

I really don't know why some trainers do this. Maybe so the client can feel like they are lifting more and more weight each session weight or to create some sort of dependency for the trainer, you know like "WOW, great job client!! I don't know how you would have lifted that if I was there, you need me forever if you want to do this or anything else like this." (Insert sinister evil laugh)

Or maybe they just don't know any better.


A trainers job is to teach and help get you to your goal. If you aren't given something to do on your own, like a training program, so that you understand what you are doing, suppose to be doing and learning how to really train yourself when you aren't with your trainer or coach, you need to ask right now.



Well that's enough trainer bashing for today.

Stay tuned next week for part 2 of this series, it might save you some time and money.



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