Krank Brooklyn Fat loss gym- Vacation Workout

What up Dan from Krank Brooklyn at Cancun Mexico!!!

I been chillen at the resort and it's pretty easy to do nothing but relax, however I have to get my workout in.

I dropped my girl off at the beach to get her tan on and went to go do my thing.


Here's the workout:



Always start with a little soft tissue work (Foam Rolling)

Dynamic Warm up Movment Prep


Krank BK Fatloss Vacation Workout


Knock out this out on each hand then move on to the next movment


1A) 1 Arm DB Snatch X 2 Push Press X 4 Reps (left hand then right hand)


(Same Hand) 2 Turkish Get up's


1B) 8 Goblet Squats


1C) 15 cheat Sit Up's


Repeat for 5 sets. Rest when needed.


Check out the vid!



G.S.D. Getting Shit Done on vacation.





Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Krank BK

Fatloss, Strength and Conditioning

2 Prince St 5FL

Brooklyn, NY 11201





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