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A couple weeks ago I wrote a post telling you the 4 pillars needed for getting the body you always dreamed of. If you missed it you can check that out HERE==>>

Here’s the post where we went over the first pillar, what may be considered one of the most important, nutrition. You can check out that post HERE==>>


This is the post where we talked about cardio and how it can help or hinder your fat loss and lean body goals. For that click HERE==>>


In this installment of the 4 pillars to getting a banging body we have, weight training.



It’s been 3 months of running on the treadmill, the elliptical, doing zumba, body pump, spin class, bikram, at home work outs and you’ve lost 6 pounds, if even that..

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All that sweating hasn’t  really done much to help you get the body you want. I won’t say that cardio isn’t needed in a training program but the bottom line is if you want to be lean you gotta lift heavy sh&t!





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Spin, zumba or bikram yoga is not gonna drop 15-30lbs of fat in 3 months.





But that girl is jacked!


Most women shy away strength training because they think that it will give them large, bulky muscles and they might turn into a dude.



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To build that level of muscle mass is pretty difficult and complicated, most guys can’t even get the process right. Women just have too much estrogen flowing around in their bodies to build that type muscle mass. The women that are able to get that jacked are tons of supplements supplements or “Juice” to enhance their strength training.






But I gain muscle fast when I lift weights

When you first start resistance training your muscles will temporarily hold more glycogen (carbs) to fuel the muscles. Glycogen binds to water, which is the scale goes up. This is only a temporary water weight gain. Over time your muscles adapt and won’t need to hold on to much glycogen, and your weight drops back to normal. Have you ever noticed how your muscles look pumped after lifting? It’s not because you’ve suddenly gained muscle, it’s just your muscles are holding onto excess glycogen and water.


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What resistance training will do is tighten up that body, make you stronger faster and leaner and you’ll look hot in those summer booty shorts.




But I do use weights

Ok so you go to your body pump or group X class and you use the pink 5lbs dumbbells or if your feeling like living on the edge you’ll grab the yellow 7lbs dumbbells, that’s not what I’m talking about. Lifting those little dumbbells for 1,000 reps may burn like hell but it will do nothing to build lean, tone muscle.

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Just take a look in the class the next time you go, I guarantee you that out of the 20-30 people in that class that go 2-3 times a week you’ll probably see 1 maybe 2 girls that are actually toned and lean. Yep they’re probably friends and most likely strength train on the other days with a trainer. I know, I worked in a health club for years.

See this type of high rep training will build muscular endurance, but that it. You won’t build any muscle from doing 1,000 reps per workout, it’s just not challenging enough to stimulate growth.

The reason we want to build a little more muscle is because it is more metabolically active than fat tissue. Just adding a extra pound of muscle burns additional calories each day just sitting watching TV. Sounds good huh? Then there’s also the after-burn or Eppoc. This is basically your bodies way of recovering from exercise through the use of oxygen to restore it self  back to pre-exercise levels which boosts up you metabolism!



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This metabolic boost can last from 24-hours to 72-hours after lifting. In one study published by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research women burn up to 100 additional calories within 24 hours after weight-training. That adds up to a little over 4lbs a year of pure fat loss from doing nothing extra at all!!

If you need a beginner strength training program just download the ETS Quick Start Guide HERE==>>



Some more research

In 2002 a group of  scientists wanted to see what would happen when women performed resistance training at different weights and reps, 85% of their 1 rep max (the most amount of weight that can be lifted for 1 rep) for 8 reps, versus 45% for 15. The women that lifted more weight for fewer reps burned more calories and had a way higher metabolic boost after the workout then those that lifted less weight for more reps.

In another study published in 2010, researchers followed 122 women for six years. What did they find??

They found that the women who worked out with resistance training 3 times a week with sets of 8 reps at 70% to 80% of their 1 rep max lost more weight and body fat then those that didn’t.


Last one, I promise…

In 2007 scientist wanted to see how well a 2 times a week strength training would help avoid increases in body fat and belly fat percentage. This study was put together because on average American women gain anywhere from 1.1lbs – 2.2lbs a year of fat even when on a “healthy diet”.

They found that these women had drastic changes in body fat and belly fat percentage and were able to keep the fat off over the span of this 2 year study!!


Benefits of picking up heavy SH&T

1) Increased Metabolism- Burn calories and fat while just laying around. For every pound of lean muscle mass you have, you can burn 35-50 calories per day!
If replace 10 pounds of fat with 10 pounds of lean muscle mass (muscle is smaller and denser than fat) then you’ll burn about 350-500 calories a day!
That should be reason enough to go hit a heavy dead lift.
2) Balance and Speed – You’ll have the balance, coordination and speed to chase your kids through the park and actually enjoy time with them.


3) Prevents injury -With your muscles, tendons, jionts and bones stronger youv’e just lessen your chances of injury. For women that super important, many Between the ages of 20 and 80, the average white woman loses one-third of her hip bone density. Strength training will help ward off Osteoporosis.



4) Over all health and Wellness - Women who train with weights can gain multiple health benefits, including a decrease in lower back pain and joint pain as well as improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, which decreases the chances of diabetes as well as health reduce high blood pressure. Heart disease is one of the leading killer of women American each year.



Ok I’m done

Go pick up some heavy sh&t but be careful. If you’re new to lifting weights, learn the form and technique from someone who knows what they’re doing. Find a personal trainer, be sure to ask as many questions as possible. You want to be sure this dude or chick isn’t a phony and he or she actually knows their stuff. Don’t try to do this heavy lifting on your own and don’t wing it, follow a detailed, structured, mapped out program that’s going to help YOU reach your goal.

Look at these chicks Do Work





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