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Last week I wrote a post telling you the 4 pillars needed for getting the body you always dreamed of. If you missed it you can check that out HERE==>>


A few days ago we went over the first pillar, what may be considered one of the most important, nutrition. You can check out that post HERE==>>


OK Lets get it!!


The second pillar of fat loss is:


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We already know the cardio has numerous health benefits like lowering blood pressure, low levels of LDL or "bad" cholesterol and high levels of HDL or "good" cholesterol, increases lung capacity, reduces stress and also increases stamina, increased energy, blah blah blah…


What were here to talk about is fat loss, right!?!?


There are a bunch of different ways to go about getting your cardio in, walking, jogging, running, cycling etc…

Cardio would be considered as getting on a treadmill and walking or running for an extended period of time, about 30 mins or more. Also known as steady state cardio.

Now you would think if you sweat your life away on a treadmill or in the streets for an extended period of time you would drop some fat right?

Well yes and no.

Hear me out. Your body is really smart and can adapt to most stresses you put on it, I'm not talking about work or whatever other kind of stress I'm talking about exercise stress. So remember the very first time you went out for a run, It was pretty tough get getting a few blocks from your home, the next day you were able to get a little further with out feeling like crap, then the day after that you went even further. You see you adapted to the stress you placed on your body.


Lets talk in terms of fat loss and caloric expenditure.


Doing tons of steady state cardio makes your body more efficient. The more efficient your body becomes, the less energy (calories) it needs to complete a task (running distance).

So let just say you run for about 5 miles and that burns about 500 calories when you first started running in just a few weeks that same distance that you ran will only burn 300 hundred calories. Remember this is just an example but I hope you get the idea.

Now you would probably have to run say 7 miles to burn the same amount of calories that you use to burn just running 5 miles. It becomes a vicious cycle.

I'm all about efficiency, time efficiency, I just like everyone else on the planet want more for less. I want to workout less and burn more fat and calories when I work out.

I mean I have a very busy life just like you and don't want to spend hours of my life each week running when I can get the same affect in a much shorter time.

You feel me?!

I'm not hating on running at all, I train a couple of marathon runners, but they run for sport not for fat loss. If that's what you do more power to you, it's a hardcore sport and is a great way to relieve stress and tension. Like I said before steady state cardio has numerous benefits.


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But running for hours on end ain't the best or fastest way to get rid of that bulge hanging over your belt line.



What the Hell am I suppose to do now??


So now we know that running like a hamster on a wheel is gonna get you no where fast in terms of fat loss so what do you do?

Well resistance training plays a huge role in fat loss but well cover that in another article for now lets talks about different kinds of cardio that will help you shed some blubber.


Interval training (Anerobic training) 


Interval training is basically a series of intense activity separated with short rest periods.

Interval training sessions can last from 9–20 minutes. For example, a runner would alternate between a 20-30 second sprint and a 10 second walk. You would go back and forth between work and rest until your session time is over. By using interval training you are able to exercise at a higher intensity without getting tired.

By doing this you are able to do much more work in the same or shorter time period than you were before.

Here's the research:

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A study by Gibala et al. demonstrated 2.5 hours of sprint interval training produced similar biochemical muscle changes to 10.5 hours of endurance training and similar endurance performance benefits. According to a study by King et al. HIIT increases the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) for the following 24 hours.


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I'll take those results!! You can work for 20% less time and get the same if not better results?



Before I forget, long distance cardio is catabolic in nature, meaning that it can actually break down muscle mass.

Marathon runners are a perfect example of this – they have trained long past any cardiovascular health benefit and have lost a majority of their muscle mass and strength in the process. Good thing that a few of them hit the gym 2-3 times a week and run sprint intervals to hold on to some of that much needed muscle.




Oh here's an added bonus of doing interval training.


Dropping fat is all about calories out vs calories in.  You have to  burn more than you take in, right?

So with steady state you only burn calories while your doing it. Once you stop running you stop burning calories so to speak.

But with interval training you continue to burn calories for hours after you stop training, sort of like resistance training. With resistance training when you build muscle that muscle burns calories even when your doing nothing at all.

With Interval training, what it so awesome is known as EPOC. Interval or Anaerobic training not only burns a ton of calories while your doing it but it keeps your metabolism raised long after your done working out.

EPOC is an acronym for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption

This is basically your bodies way of recovering from exercise through the use of oxygen to restore it self  back to pre-exercise levels.  For something light like running on the treadmill it can take just a few minutes, but for interval/aerobic training or weight training it takes a few hours. If you really worked your ass of it'll take a few days.

That means you be on your way to slim city while sitting on your ass!!



Too run or not too run?

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It's totally up to you. If your running for sport or to clear your head by all means do what makes you happy. But if your running, on the elliptical or riding that bike just for fat loss theirs a WAY better option to Get Shit Done without wasting precious time.




Keep Moving,

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