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What up Krank-A-Maniacs!!!

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Happy Monday!!

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend, I did. It was my nieces bday party, fun time with the family and NBA all-star weekend, boxing and UFC on TV, couldn't have been better weekend!!

Sooo over the weekend I got tons of emails with questions on programing, nutrition and over all health and well being. They ask things like "How can I get started on a program, what's the best way to eat, should I do this before that Etc..

Now I don't want to sound like a jerk but for the most part I'm asked super advanced questions when the basics aren't even their yet. What I mean is why ask about a cycle of bands and chains to increase your bench press when you can't do 30-50 rock solid push ups or ask for a detailed 28 day nutrition program based on intermittent fasting when you haven't even mastered the fundamentals of nutrition.




It's all about the basics


Everyone on this planet that has ever became great in any given field has had to master the basics, end of story. EVERYONE!!!

Lets take Flyod Mayweather or Manny Paciao, both are incredible boxers in their own right. Both display techniques in boxing not shown by any other, no one!. These dudes are straight beast in the ring, however they started some where, with the basics and all ways revert back to the basics. Boxing is only made up of 4 punches and their respective variations but for now lets just talk about the basics.

1) Jab

2) Cross

3) Hook

4) upper cut


Nothing more! No of course we have variations of these punches and foot work involved but none the less it's all about these 4 punches.

They practice these 4 punches for hours and hours on end trying to perfect them, get them in and land them from different angles and defend against them. I talking about years of just throwing 4 punches…

The point I'm trying to get to is that there is no magic bullet for becoming great, it requires hard consistent work to achieve greatness.

Quit spending your time trying to find the best fat burning pill, diet or training program.

Of course at Krank we use the latest exercise techniques and training programs to get you results fast. We also understand that everyone isn't the same so we tailor our programs to ensure the fundamentals are established quick.

But it always starts with the basics.




So here's some tough love.

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Take your head out your ass, stick to the basics till you establish a good foundation and you'll most likely build the body you want and achieve a good level of success.




Get the hell off the internet, stop looking for the magic bullet and go train!!



Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Krank BK

Fatloss, Strength and Conditioning

2 Prince St 5FL

Brooklyn, NY 11201


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