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Are you feeling a little lazy and unmotivated? Kind of stuck under the procrastination blanket in the morning and can’t get started?


You aren't alone. We're all searching for the solution to beat the feeling of just not wanting to do anything. 


Here are a few tricks I use to beat the procrastination bug and found motivation to keep moving. 



1: This morning I woke up to write this very blog post and couldn't think of one thing. As I sat here drawing a blank, a member of Krank came up to me and we had a light conversation in between her workout. She told me how she has been going through a situation helping a family member. 


As she left back to her workout she said " It's hard but such is life, you gotta be strong" 


Message: Motivation can come from understanding that someone is depending on your strength for support. Be strong, help others.  



2: So one day my wife invites my nieces and little cousins to our house for a sleep over. The following day the house was a mess. As they laid out watching tv while we made them breakfast, my daughter say's " I'm bored."  So I said lets see how fast we can clean this house so we can get go to the park. 


In about 5 minutes the place the was spotless! 


Message: A challenge with a very small reward is always a great motivator. Challenge yourself. 




3: In the morning I always and I mean always, feel lazy and tired. I know I have stuff to do whether it's workout, write a blog post, or some other chore, and I don’t feel like doing it. What I do is, instead of thinking about the entire task, I just think about the first step in the process. 


To write, I just need to have some light background music and turn the computer on. To workout, I just need to put on my sneakers and get out the house. Once I start, the rest is simple, and I’m always glad I did.



Message: Put your sneakers on and go. Don’t wait for motivation, just start, it'll come.



Keep Moving, 


Dan Salazar


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pixel Motivated? | Dan Salazar | NYC Best Personal Trainer
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