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What's happening people!!

Here's a little story of failure and exactly how I did it!

Along time ago before I before I ever got in to shape or understood  anatomy, physiology, biology biomechanics, kinesiology or exercise science I was a fat mess. I kept trying to change by running, riding bike, using the elliptical, lifting weights, doing abs, eating healthier, taking supplements— and I was still fat.

I was the most in shape fat person ever. (hope that made sense)


Looking back at all the dumb shit I did, I went about it all wrong. I set myself up to fail and it became a cycle year after year of failing at my fat loss attempts.

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Trust me I believe sometimes you just have to dive in head first and run the risk of failing in order to learn from your mistakes, everyone will make mistakes, however If you don't learn from them your an asshole.

I say it with love because I to was and sometimes still am an asshole.

I've done every single thing on this list and so do most people.

So here is my list of how to completely fail at your fat loss attempts.



1) Try to change your entire life at once.

Trying to change eating habits, drinking, smoking, working out, etc. Is pretty tough to do, it's taken you years to acquire those bad habits. Going at changing your life in this way won't allow you to give focus to any one bad habit.

Spreading yourself thin is a Great way to make sure you fail.



2) Bite off way more than you can chew.

Do your best to take on so much that whatever you try is so damn hard that you never want to do it again.

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Instead of going for a nice 10 min walk or jog, go H.A.M. and run for an hour. Don't half ass anything you do!!

Instead of just not drinking soda or juice and phasing out one thing at a time just eat tuna and lettuce and only drink water but not too much water because you'll get bloated.


Just change your whole diet all at once. That's the best way to fail.


3) Don’t tell anyone

So That way, if you don't loss fat no one would even know you were trying, save yourself the embarrassment. See we both know that we are going to fail and because we believe we will fail that's why it happens.


4) Don’t seek out people who are where you want to be.


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Who cares about how so and so lost weight, because:

a) It won't work for me, nothing ever does. (See #3)

b) I know my body and what i have to do to loss weight.


5) Set yourself up for failure

I’ma get my healthy eating on!!!

I'll buy vitamins, get tons of vegetables and lean meats, oh and I cant forget I need a little snack.

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Like why else would I buy those Oreos with my Chabani yogurt?!? I’ma eat those bad boys right after son!!

Oh for lunch I'll just go to the restaurant around the corner from work, they normally just sell fried foods or sweets but I'm sure I'll find something healthy.


6) Don't ever be consistent.

images 7 NYC, Brooklyn Weight Loss Gym | How to Fail at Fat LossLook you worked out 7 times in your whole life and should already see results. Who cares that it took over 10 years to gain all that weight. We know this person, well we just saw a commercial on TV that worked out for like 1 month and lost 30lbs so we know were gonna get those same results.

It's no big deal if we don't workout this week just make up for it the next week, OH WAIT, I have so many parties to go to, but for sure the week after that.

And when we skip that week we'll just get upset at the type of workout because we already knew in our heart of hearts that the workout that we NEVER really showed up to would work.



Ready to suck at fat loss??

If your looking to 100% fail and stay an unhealthy chubber forever, just follow the rules above and I promise you nothing but success at failing.

But if you looking to drop the fat you might want to try something different.



Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


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Brooklyn, NY 11201


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