The 4 Minute Workout

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Life keeps us busy.

School, work, kids, household chores etc… We always seem to "not have enough time", especially to get a workout in.

If you haven't checked last week's post on what I had to say about that just CLICK HERE==>>

Well were gonna solve that problem right now. If you have 4 minutes to spare, just 4 minutes then you have enough time to get in a good workout in.

It's called Tabata!!



What the hell is a Tabata??


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First let me tell you how it started.

In 1996 a 6 week study done by a Japanese researcher named Dr Tabata Izumi to examine the effects of different training methods on elite athletes.

Group 1 worked out at a intensity of 70% of the vo2 max for 60 minutes. That's roughly a 7-10 minute mile jogging, depending on the level of fitness of the jogger.


Group 2 worked out at 170% of their vo2 max for 20 seconds then rested for 10 seconds and that cycle continued for 7-8 sets. A total of 4 minutes.


By the way, 170% of your vo2 max is hard, I mean very very hard!!!


So at the end of the 6 week study what did Doc discover??


Group 1 improved their vo2 max by 10%.

Group 2, the group that worked out way way less on the other hand improved their vo2 max by 14% (aerobic energy) and improved their anaerobic capacity by 24%. (explosive energy)


Check out the study HERE==>>


Anaerobic capacity is basically the production of power without oxygen. Think sprinting Anaerobic (very hard, short duration) vs Jogging Aerobic (not as difficult, long duration)



Ok great, I just want to burn fat.


Another thing that the good doctor forgot to mention is that this 4 minutes of exercise death will help melt fat off your body fast!

When you work that hard you create what's called an oxygen debt. (heavy panting) Your body has burned off all of the blood sugar (glycogen) in your body for energy. Now after your done working out your body has to replace what was just used for energy by burning fat!

This is also know as E.P.O.C.

You see the benefits from this type of exercise comes after you workout not during. 



How do I do It??



See your physician before starting any kind of exercise routine

If your a beginner TAKE IT EASY!!!



You have a bunch of different options but for now I'll just give you one.


First thing you need is an open area. Your living room will work just fine.

Second, a stop watch.

Start with a 2-3 minute warm up, jumping jacks, foam rolling, dynamic warm up and some light stretching.


Remember you will work for 20 second straight then rest for only 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle for 8 rounds.


Knock out 20 seconds of Burpees



Take a 10 sec brake


Then Knock out 20 seconds of Body Weight Squats


Go back and forth between these 2 movements 4 times each for the prescribed total of 8 rounds.



That's It!!!


I’m not going to lie, this is hard. If after your done you still have some energy left to do more, you didn't work hard enough.

No more excuses, get to work!!

It's only 4 minutes.


Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar





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