The Blueprint To Killin It In 2012

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The E.T.S. Quick Start Guide


Bottom line is your going to slip up, your going to eat things you know you shouldn't, your going to get lazy and not want to go workout , look it happens. Just don't give up, its not over because you missed one day. If you fall just get back up, simple.

Let me tell you something first, all change starts in your head.


If you don’t believe you can do something your probably cant, so you have to believe that you can make a change. I'm not just talking about health and fitness here, I'm talking about life. Commit yourself to making a change and don't let the petty stuff get in your way.


The number one rule of succeeding is, believe you can!!


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Changing your mindset isn't an easy task. It takes work, you have to change the way you think about diet and exercise. Some you think you cant do it, its to hard, its not for you or just except some other false belief  but I'm telling you you can change, you can be better then you were yesterday if you just take the right steps in changing the way you think today.


Here are the steps all successful business, fatloss and muscle building individuals have taken to get themselves to reach their goals.


Before you even look at the program or even think about nutrition take this step very seriously because with out it you may fail.


1) Write down your goals


2) Make sure they are specific. (amount of weight or body fat you want to lose)


3) Why is this goal important to you? Dig deep, find and write down the real reason why the goal important to you.


4) Give your goals a strict deadline.


5) Be realistic (Don’t write down “I will lose 20 lbs of body fat in one week”)
    If you have a huge goal just break it up into smaller millstones.


6) Think about your goals everyday. Read them first thing in the morning and right before bedtime.


These 6 steps alone will get you towards your goal!! I don’t really believe in superstition but their is something to be said about the power of thought.


Stay positive and just believe you can and you will.


Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Krank Brooklyn



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Chapter 1 Intro

Chapter 2 Mindset

Chapter 3 Nutrition

Chapter 4 The Training Program

This step by step program is also full of videos that show every exercise!!!







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