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"Walk Your Talk" is more then just a phrase, it's a way of life!!!








Tons of people talk crap on a daily basis, "I going to do this and that", "Watch when this happens", "I’m going to get", " I’m going to go". We've all heard this before and have been in situations where were the ones saying it.


But, here's the challenge.


Make it happen!!


You have the tools and the power to do so!


Maybe you came up with an idea, really want to start a project, take a dream vacation, change careers, whatever, just do it!!!


No excuses!


There's no sense in wasting you time telling people about it if your not going to take action!


This is tough love because I do have love and admiration for anyone that has an idea and wants to make their dreams come true. 


You need a little more then "WANT" though!


You need action!


I stand behind the dreamers and thinkers, however, take action!!  


Get out of that situation you say you hate!


Make the move in the direction you want to go.


We hear this all the time "what if I did this when I was younger", "what if I said this to her", "I should applied for that job", "I should have done this during that competition."


Don't live your life full of "what if's" and should have's!



Just take action!









Parents, teachers and coaches as well as any other authority figure you can think of will give you suggestions and in some cases orders on what you should do in certain situations.


You've heard them all before.


Eat your veggies


Be polite 


Save your money


Say please and thank you


Do you homework 


Work out 3 days a week


Don't eat junk food




Granted, this is great advice, however more often then not these same figures of authority with their vast wealth of information don't even do it!



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Would you hire this guy to get into shape??


What makes you think that your kids, clients or anyone for that matter is going to listen to anything you have to say especially if your not folioing your own advise.


If you are in that role it is your obligation to lead by example.


I most definitely wouldn't want nutritional advise from a fat dietitian.


Would you want financial advise from a dude that asks to borrow $20 every week?


Or relationship advises from the girl who's been dumped more time then you could count?


What about investing a few grand in personal training from a guy who looks like he slams Twinkies all day?


The saying that "you can't help anyone unless you help yourself first is soooo true in these cases!


Lead by example and WALK YOUR TALK!!


Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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