Welcome to KRANK Brooklyn!!


This New York City based exercise and fatloss program is only for those looking to make a serious commitment to fast, real life results!


At Krank-BK their isn’t any cookie cutter programs and you won’t find any unqualified coaches on staff. Here we have top notch coaching to get you the fitness results you’ve always wanted.


We get results, period, and here’s how we’ll do it:

  1. Intense Sessions: No treadmill and elliptical’s over here, we make you work and force your body to change.
  2. Training Programs: We make it a point to put together the most effective training program that yield nothing short of results
  3. Techniques: Our coaches make sure that their is no way you can cheat yourself out the exercises. No more just going through the motions and hope for a good outcome.
  4. Coaching: The difference between a coach and a trainer is a trainer just tells you what to do, a coach is walking with you every step of the way through the process.



Listen to this


I’ve been personal training in New York City for several years now and I am pissed at the poor standards in our industry.


Head over to any health club and you’ll find sales numbers are more important than members results. Even in most high end health clubs good personal training programs and qualified coaching is almost impossible to find.


We set out to create the solution. And we did!!!



We understand the goals and needs of each individual are different, you will be provided with unique programming, nutritional tips and guidelines and the coaching necessary to get you to our goal!


Of course everyone in this personal training industry will tell you that they are the best but we will put up or shut up.

That’s why were offer you to experience what real results based coaching is like. Come in and take a tour and get you a workout in!


There’s No commitment and nothing to lose come in try us out!




If for any reason you’re not 100% blown-away by everything Krank-BK Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning has to offer you, you lose nothing at all.


We guarantee that THIS trial with us will be the best training experience EVER.





What are you waiting for?!?!





Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

2 prince St. 5fl

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201