Lose 10lbs FAST!!

What up!!!

Do you feel a little cubby after all those margaritas and summer parties??

Wanna get back to the gym but you've been out so long it feels kinda weird??

It happens to everyone just get your ass back in here!!


Here's a little advise on how to get rid of some of that belly you gained over the summer!


Understand it's impossible for me to give you the perfect program via blog post, but this is what i can do.

Follow these tips and BOOM 10lbs gone.




1. Eat food


Do not starve yourself, it doesn't work. Eat a few meals a day that contain lean proteins, fibrous vegetables and health fats. Take it easy with certain fruits and any other source of concentrated carbs.







2. Don't eat out




images 11 Lose 10lbs FAST!!images Lose 10lbs FAST!!













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People who regularly eat out consume over 30% more calories per meal. Do the numbers, it adds up. When you go out to eat you have no idea how your food is being prepared. What ever type of dressing or sauce that is being put on your food could be putting the kibosh on your weight lose efforts. It'll also help save money considering you've probably partied and hung out the entire summer.








images 10 Lose 10lbs FAST!!





3. Keep track


At home or eating out, keep track.In one study 2 groups were given the same diet, the group that wrote down what they ate lost 50% more weight. In another study showed that us Americans extremely underestimate our caloric intake by 53%. Whether a excel spread sheet, your kids note book or whatever keep track of what you eat.


Here's a sample of what i give to some of my clients before i put together a nutrition program. Use it and you'll be surprised by how much you really eat.













images 3 Lose 10lbs FAST!!









4. Kill the Carbs






Carbs are bad when you have a considerable amount of weight to lose and you really don't workout, I mean really REALLY work out!


Yes even whole wheat and whole grains are still making you fat.



Carbs store water. For every gram of carbs you eat your body will store 3 grams of water.




Drop the carbs and you'll drop 4-5 pounds of water weight within a few days.  Even a modest amount of carbs can throw you in “fat storage” mode. Cut carbs and you'll lose fat, BOOM!









images 4 Lose 10lbs FAST!!










5. Calorie filled beverages


Drink only non-caloric beverages: you already know the deal- tea, water, coffee, diet soda etc…  Alcohol is a no go! Juice or milk can also kill your fat loss efforts. Liquid calories add up quick and since they contain mostly sugars (which is fantastic as storing fat) your best off leaving them alone.








images 5 Lose 10lbs FAST!!












6. Fish


Be the fish!! HAHAAH!!!


Take fish oil capsules.  I gave you guys some of the benefits of fish oil HERE and HERE so check out those articles. I have the complete low down on fish oil coming up soon!










images 6 Lose 10lbs FAST!!

















7. GET UP!!!


If you intend on hiring a coach or plan to join some sort of group training next week that DOESN'T  give you the right to sit on your ass till then. (don't let "next week" become 2 years) Got 5 minutes to spare? Do this workout once a day then take a quick 10-20 minute walk around the block. Your metabolism will be on fire for about 48 hours.





5 Minute Fat pack blaster: 2 moves, 20 seconds on then rest for 10 seconds for a total of 5 rounds.



A1) Reverse Lunges

A2) Spider man Push Up's

(Spider man Push Up's can be done off your knees to make it easier if you *have to*)


Here's the workout:


1. Reverse Lunges (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

2. Spider man Push Up's (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

3. Reverse Lunges (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

4. Spider man Push Up's (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

5. Reverse Lunges (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

6. Spider man Push Up's (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

7. Reverse Lunges (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

8. Spider man Push Up's (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

9. Reverse Lunges (20 seconds) (rest 10 second)

10. Spider man Push Up's (20 seconds) (DONE)


Knock these tips out and you'll see a significant change within a week guaranteed!!


Get started now!!



No matter where you are today only you have the power to change where you will be tomorrow.

Its your choice.


Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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