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Change isn’t always easy, for anyone. People are, for the most part comfortable in their ways. Whether it's staying in a dead end job, a crappy relationship or being out of shape.  The possibility of something better is far scarier than the comfort of familiar pain. 


Here are a few of the common obstacles you'll have to face on your way to crushing your goals. 


If yourself in different situations, please let me know, I would love to hear them and possibly help you get through it…


If you can overcome  these situations, I believe there isn’t any goal you can’t achieve! 





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1. Overwhelmed or intimidated. 


For the most part, people don’t even get started on a new goal because it seems too intimidating or overwhelming. I understand, it's new and out of the norm for you, at this moment. 


The best thing to do is to break up your goal into small bite size chunks… Let's just say you want to start training, instead of thinking that you have to train four days per week for an hour to get to your goal. Start by just doing of doing 5 – 10 minutes of anything. It could just be a little stretching and foam rolling. Five minutes is not hard or overwhelming, but it is more than not doing anything. 


Little by little, that's how big goals are achieved. 




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2. No time. 


We’re all busy, so we put off starting a goal until later … or start it, but then it gets sidetracked because we think other things that, out of nowhere, become more important. 

The best thing to do is just the same as number 1, start small. If you just do 5 – 10 minutes a day, you’ll have the time. 

But the most important thing to think about is, put yourself first. 

Yes, I get it, work, family household chores, etc… 

That doesn’t mean anything if you're not taking care of yourself.  

You come first, then you will have the energy and strength to give energy to others. 






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3. No motivation. 


This is a big one. If you’re not motivated to change, you’ll stop when things get tough, and things will get tough.

Understand that you are involved in a process. I suggest taking a good look into why you started in the first place to rekindle that fire under your ass. 

Everyone has their reasons for starting out, remember that feeling the first day you decided to make a change and get after that goal. 


One thing that really helps me is to enjoy the process, enjoy the fact that I'm not exactly where I want to be, but I’m further than I was and am taking the steps that get me closer each and every day. 


Stay focused. 




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4. Negative thoughts. 


Is this gonna work?  I’m not strong enough, or disciplined enough. Is this even worth it?!  Subconsciously we are wired to be wary and think the worse, I don’t know why maybe some sort of survival instinct left over from prehistoric times. But never the less they are there. One thing I’ve learned is to listen for these negative thoughts, become aware of them and understand it’s all bullshit. 

The best thing to do is listen to negative self-talk, then ask yourself where the heck is this crap coming from. Start thinking about the good in the specifics situation. 


What are the good things that will happen if stick with it or startup again? 


Think good things, it's good for you. 

Here's a study on it if you don't believe me: 





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5. Guilt from the past. 


How may times have you slipped up, then felt guilty about slipping up, and then let guilt keep you from trying again? 

Guilt is a tough one, because it’s one of those feelings that we barely notice, but that has such a strong effect on us. 


In a way, it’s just another one of those negative thoughts we just talked about. You have to learn to be aware of it, and then replace it with positive good vibes. 

Look it happens to the best of us in various situations. It’s a part of the learning process, just dust yourself off and get back to it. 


Remember, progress not perfection. 



Keep Moving, 

Dan Salazar


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