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I'm often asked what is personal training and why do I need a coach?

I guess it's a valid question if you've never experienced personal training or working with a good qualified trainer. They would say things like "Why would I need someone to show me exercises I already know" or something else to that effect.

Let me explain something personal training and or coaching is an art form. BTW there is a huge difference between personal training and coaching but I'll save that for another blog post.


What I mean by "art form" is even though you may know all of the exact same exercises and movements as a qualified coach, that coach puts them together is a certain way to elicit a specific physiological response.

Hear me out real quick, I'm going to use an analogy by triple OG strength coach Mike Boyle.

Experienced, educated, successful coaches should be looked at as a chef. They take a bunch of the best ingredients (exercise) and put them together in such away to create the best recipe (training program) for that client. This recipe will not only get that client great results but it will help that person reach their goals in the fastest, safest way possible.

When I first started working out at around 13 years old I just did exercises that made sense to me. I added bench press because I wanted a huge chest, bicep curl because I needed to have jacked arms and 3,479 crunches because chicks love abs so I needed them. The result after a few years?

I was still a flat chested, skinny armed blob of pudge that tore my shoulders apart and injured just about every other joint in my body!!

Fortunate for me I was able to find me a great coach and learn the ways of program design.

All I'm trying to say is program design is a art form, the recipes created by qualified, experienced coaches yield better, faster results then anyone without those credentials could ever create.


Picture this…

Lets say I put you up against Iron Chef, you both have the same exact ingredients (exercises) and same the kitchen utensils (equipment) would you be able to out cook the Iron Chef.


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