Don’t get fat from carbs tip #2 | best gym in brooklyn

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Bottom line is If you are in the calorie deficit, you can STILL have some carbs and torch fat.

I know, I know their is a big Carbophobia out there but adding in a couple of carbs and getting to a lower body fat percentage isn’t far fetched as long as your not going ape shit with em. 


But I guess the big question is how do you get the fat burning effects of a low carb diet with the lean muscle building of carb-based diets?


Do them both.


Back in the cave man days we didn’t have the luxury of eating when ever the hell we wanted to so we basically fasted. 



 Dont get fat from carbs tip #2 | best gym in brooklyn



We spent the majority of our hunting, and gathering food. Then spent our nights hang out with our families and pet dinosaur eating the majority, if not all, of our daily calories.

So what I’m trying to say is that our body is designed to eat this way.




During the day, you keep carbs extra low to control insulin levels and keep your body in that “fat burning" state.


Slamming carbs during the day and especially first thing in the morning can spike blood sugar and insulin levels as well as stop fat burning.


Think about it…


When you wake up in the morning your body is basically digesting last nights meal. These metabolic processes or aerobic, they don’t require that need for immediate energy like strength training, so they are using a higher percentage of fat for fuel.


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 As soon as you have your morning bowl of apple jacks, which I love by the way, you stop your body from getting rid of yesterdays food and force it to start trying to digest what you just ate to use that for fuel, instead the the stored energy (fat) on our body. 


The biggest problem is the insulin response you get from having any carbs for breakfast, it basically turns off fat burning and starts the storage and growth process. This is bad if your trying to burn fat and good if your trying to bulk or build muscle. 

Makes sense? 


Saving most of your carbs for dinner and eating lighter, low or no carb foods during the day, you control insulin and blood sugar, maximize fat burning hormones and give a few hours of just using fat for fuel.


Then when you eat carbs at night they either:

1) Go directly to the muscles that need it.

2) Fill up your liver storage, a good thing. 


So there you have it!


During the day eat less and burn fat for energy, during the night eat more and give your body what it needs to build muscle, store energy, recover from the work day, and be ready the following day..


On the day you eat carbs, eat them at night. 

Sounds crazy right?!?!


If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, give it a shot. 

What do you have to lose other than fat! 


Wow, that was terribly corny, ha! :) 


Stay tuned for tip #3


Keep moving,

Dan Salazar
Krank Systems Brooklyn
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