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Eat more, lose weight?!?


Sounds like a gimmick right?

Well hear me out.

I know you've all heard that you have to eat 6-20 meals a day to ramp up your metabolism or something like that but that's not what I'm talking about here, I'm talking about the thermic effect of food!!



What The Hell Is The Thermic Effect of Food?


The thermic effect of food is basically the increase in energy expenditure (your resting metabolic rate) that happens when your body starts digesting and processing the nutrients from the meal just consumed.

The thermic effect of food has been around for a very long time but for some reason no one talks about it anymore.

The breaking down and utilization of food contributes 4 to 30 percent of the calories you burn in a day. That is a lot if you really think about it!

One study done in 1930, reported the difference  between protein, carbohydrates, and fats to increase the metabolism by 30%, 6%, and 4%.

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So this means the thermic effect for the three macronutrients are:


So you can see how many more calories will be burned just by eating or raising your protein intake!



When Do You Eat?


Do you just eat when ever you get the chance?  One day you'll eat six meals, the next you'll only get in two or three? If your eating schedule is jacked up you won't fully benefit from the thermic effect of food!

Just small changes made consistently over time can lead to significant physical changes, so by just eating at the same time everyday and working out on a consistent schedule you will have the body you want, but the key is consistency.


Exercise and Food


Everyone knows the working out namely weight lifting will increase your metabolism. This is because of not only the EPOC effect, (the oxygen consumption the body uses to return to its pre-exercise state), but is also due increases in lean muscle. Muscle is metabolically active and thus you'll burn more calories at rest if you have more lean muscle.

Here's another thing that makes exercise so dope!

People who consistently exercise have a greater thermic effect of food compared to people that just sit on their ass all day!

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What's even cooler is that people that perform resistance training and I'm not talking about the pink dumbbell kind have a even higher thermic effect of food then then typical cardio junkies. Not that theirs anything wrong with that. icon wink Eat more, lose weight?!? | Dan Salazar | Best gym in brooklyn



Can I Just Starve Myself For Weight Loss??



No protein, no muscle, no muscle, wack metabolism, wack metabolism, you get fat when you start eating again, so just eat food consistently!



How Do I Use This Info?


Here are the take home points of this little rant:



Ok before I go I just want to tell you that even though you now know this whole thermic effect of food thing it's still important to understand that total calories, the types of food you choose to eat and training are still way more important than thermic effect of food so GET YO ASS IN THE GYM and lay off the cookies!



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