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Dan here and I just want to introduce one of our newest Krank coaches Jimmy!!

Check out his first blog post!! He's gonna drop some knowledge bombs on you and show why we keep him around for more then just his good looks, hahaha!!!





 Exercises you love to hate | Dan Salazar | NYC best personal trainer







Hey Kranksters!  I know it’s been rough getting back into the swing of things after Hurricane Sandy and all the holidays and what not, so hopefully these upcoming posts can help motivate you.

I’m going to start by compiling a list of my top 4 movements that I feel most of you hate and briefly explaining why it is that we do them.




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It’s only appropriate to start with the exercise we all love to hate, BURPEES!

This movement was originally designed as an assessment of agility, coordination and strength. They were often used by military as well.  It is a full body strength workout which at a fast pace is also a great cardiovascular exercise as well, so this allows you to work both anaerobically and aerobically.

So why do we do these all the time?

We do them because burpees require the use of multiple muscle groups at once, including the core, and they are great for improving endurance. This allows us as coaches to get you guys to engage your entire body and train explosiveness, strength and endurance in one simple exercise. These can also be done anywhere; no equipment is necessary, so get out there and do some burpees!



2)Bear Crawls

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Next on my list of movements you probably hate is bear crawls!

Bear Crawls are another great exercise to work the upper and lower body simultaneously while also engaging the core muscles. This movement is something you learned as an infant, it’s a fundamental movement that is lost with age and a less active lifestyle.  

This movement is important because it activates and trains muscles that are intrinsic to movement that are rarely used in the average person’s lifestyle. This is a very important movement, especially in untrained individuals just starting out at Krank. On top of activation and stablilization, this is also a conditioning exercise as well as a possible strength exercise (for example when we add dumbbells to the bear crawl).



3)Sled Drags

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The sled is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a lot of different movements and exercises.

If you are working on max effort strength, load the sled up with a ton of weight and grind some laps out. If you want to work on speed and explosiveness, you’d load it up with less weight and do your laps more quickly and with more explosive force. On top of this you are conditioning yourself and getting in a killer cardiovascular workout, there is a reason you feel like puking after these.

Sled dragging can also be a really great tool in active restoration, this is when you are really sore after a hard gym session the day before but you don’t want to take a whole day off. You do a few sets of sled drags to get the blood flowing back into your sore legs and to push out some of that lactic acid that has built up in your sore legs.




4)Ball Slams

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This movement is another great exercise for recruiting multiple muscle groups at the same time. This exercise also works on your reaction time and speed, having to catch the ball off the first bounce. On top of this being a great exercise for reactive strength, it is a killer conditioning workout. We do a ton of these to work on functional and reactive strength while also working on coordination and cardiovascular endurance.



TO SUM THINGS UP, we aren’t using these movements as a way to torture you or just as a way to get you guys to sweat. These movements are very basic and fundamental to ones we use every day, whether it is in sports or helping a friend move.

These exercises not only condition you, but they help build a foundation for the rest of your fitness career. These movements, and the muscular activation and stability that come with them, are essential in injury prevention as well. The list above are just some of the exercises we get you guys to do in order to correctly and efficiently help you attain your fitness goals.


Thank you for reading!

James Pezzullo



Dan here again!!

YOU JUST GOT SERVED, hahahaha!!!

That was a dope first blog post from Jimmy!!

See what I mean, this dude know his stuff!!

Be on the look out for more great info to come from the coaches we have on staff.


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