Fast Twitch Friday


What's up everybody Coach Dan here!

I just had a consultaion a member and he basicly said that its easy for me to give advise on training and blah blah blah. Let me just explain something, us coach's and trainer's really don't get much time to workout because were so busy making sure our clients get into the best shape they can.

Yes we do work in or own our own gyms but building a business, helping our clients and taking care of our families obligations really cut out the personal time we have to take care of ourselves in the gym.

I'm not writing this for any sympathy, I'm writing this to show you that some coaches and trainers go through the same everyday problems, trials and tribulations that everyone else does.

We are just as strapped for time everyone else, our work is not from 9-5 its often times it's from 3:30am till about 9pm.

All I'm trying to say is we understand what you go through because were going through the same thing. We weren't built this way. Hard work, dedication and the right training program is what it takes.

Find someone that is where you want to be or knows how to get there, follow the plan, reach your goals, learn then create your own way.

Im done ranting till next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

PS. Check out my workout for today.

5  muscle up's

1  49 inch box jump

5  44 kg (96lbs)  kettlebell snatchs (each arm)

4 rounds


pixel Fast Twitch Friday
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