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What up!!!


It's Monday and that means it's time to get the up and GET SH*T DONE!!!

Sometimes I don't feel like doing anything so I listen to motivational CD's, or read a chapter from one of the many books I own on the subject to get me pumped up for the day ahead.


See motivation and working out is just like brushing your teeth, it needs to be consistent to be effective.


These are a few videos that get me amped to take on the day!



This little girl was told she might be to fragile to play with the boys, well watch her school these boys!!




This kid right here has a serious disadvantage when it comes to basketball, but watch him play. He is a true inspiration!!



Every time I even think of an excuse not to do something this vid smacks me right back to reality.



Arnold basically change the game for all physique athletes. Check out his words of wisdom for not only reaching your esthetic goals but achieving anything you want out of life! This dude drops gems!!



Ok now that your all pumped up go get sh*t done!!



Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

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pixel Get moving, its Monday!! | Dan Salazar | Krankamania
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