Get Rid of the Pancake Butt, Part 1

What's up peoples!!

Their is dilemma sweeping the nation, It's effecting every man, women and child… Well for the most part it effects women.

It's called PANCAKE BUTT!!!


flat ass Get Rid of the Pancake Butt, Part 1



Ok seriously though.

A lot of women ask me how or if there is anything they can do other then surgery or injections to get to get a nice round apple bottom.

Well their is!!

You can get the booty you want with the right diet and exercise program, but (pun intended) it will take a little work. First you need to understand what your working with down there, so here we go…




Reasons for lack of back

Some of the reasons why the butt isn't as shapely as you would like are:

1) Lack of mass in that area, whether it be muscle or fat.

2) Poor posture

3) You just don't move enough.

4) All of the above, the worst reason.


Lets break these down one by one.




Lack of mass in that area.


For the most part your rear end is made up of muscle and fat. The main muscles that shape your butt and give it that "pop" that most women want are the gluteus maximums, gluteus mediums and gluteus minimums. The gluteus maximums is the largest and strongest muscles in the body and give your butt most of it's shape. Some women are genetically gifted in this area unfortunately most women aren't.


images 5 Get Rid of the Pancake Butt, Part 1









Gifted or not???


Another unfortunate circumstance is that most of the fat women store tends to go to the butt, hips and thighs. Now fat storage is normal however (see how I didn't use the word "but" that time) excessive fat storage coupled with lack of muscle can lead to a droopy bottom or cellulite. Ughhh, guys don't like it either. Genetics can also play a role in how you butt is shaped. But it can be fixed if you Do Work!!





Poor Posture

Poor posture as it relates to a flat ass are very common in people that sit all day.

They have something called posterior pelvic, this just means your pelvis is tilted backward which in turn causes your lower lumber (back) spine to flatten.


images 3 Get Rid of the Pancake Butt, Part 1


The muscles that get screwed up from all that sitting are the hamstrings, which get shortened and may feel tight all the time, the glutius maximus which is basically sleeping because your sitting on it and your abdominals get tight as well because you may sit hunched over in a chair.


images 4 Get Rid of the Pancake Butt, Part 1


Sitting all day will also effect you cervical and thorasic spine (neck and upper back) as well your shoulders and chest. It will cause those areas to round forward and tighten up giving you a almost neanderthal like appearance and that comes with a bunch of other problems like mobility issues, spinal disk injuries, shoulder injuries, knee and hip pain, hernia's and more…

I'll go a little deeper in to posture next time around but just know posture important.




You just don't move enough

A sedentary life style can lead to muscle loss, sitting all day makes you weak and your ass flat.

Bottom line is you have to move, this gives your muscles a reason to stick around and not disintegrate.

Just take a look at this athletes body.


images 2 Get Rid of the Pancake Butt, Part 1









Exercise now!



You have no muscle, too much fat and don't move.

If your in this category you need a complete overhaul. It's time to make a change not only for the ascetically pleasing look of a round, toned, firm bottom but for you over health and well being. Get involved with a proven exercise program that has consistently gotten great results, get your nutrition on smash by eating the right foods at the rights times and you will have that booty "pop" that your looking for.


In part 2 to this "Get Rid of the Pancake Butt" series I'll show you a few exercises that will help bring up that flat ass as well as get it firm and toned, stay tuned!!




Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


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Brooklyn, NY 11201


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