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photo courtesy of Chirstopher Romulo owner of CROM martial training 

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I've been a coach at a high end health club for sometime now. The clients I work with come from all walks of life but most are executives or professionals who are able to afford my training programs and coaching.   

Last month i was offered the unexpected opportunity to help others that are less fortunate.

A great friend and mentor of mine, Anthony Del Monte came up with the idea of training children at a local jersey city grade school. Anthony witnessed the change in his son after I trained him in Muay Thai, and i felt that every child could benefit from the training that his son was involved in.


Particularly his:   


Ability to focus





Respect for others


and his confidence 



The plan was set, we were going to get a proposal together and offer a Muay Thai/Kickboxing program to Cordero School (P.S. 37) in downtown Jersey City, a stones throw from Manhattan. Like many public schools across this country Cordero is reeling from budget cuts and a difficult economy.


Coming from a pretty tough neighborhood myself in the Lower East Side section of Manhattan, New York I knew how important a program like the one we were offering was to these inner city youth. 


We headed to the school Monday March 28th with the proposal and had a sit down with the schools principal, Mr. Stryner, we presented everything i had planned for the children. I laid out the warm up, exercises, training program and cool down. Also some of the techniques i use to train younger children whose bodies are continuing to develop.


Anthony told the principal about the changes he has seen in his son since we have been training together, Mr. stryner was excited about the benefits this program could bring to his students.


He told us how their have been a rash bullying going on in most schools, especially ones in rough neighborhoods like Jersey City. He said "Most of these kids come from single parent households that don't have much money and would have never been able to afford a program like this." 


Mr. stryner is one of the Great ones- he knows every single child in this school by name, all of them. He is continuing to teach and mold these kids when he could of retired 20 years ago. And he isn’t a babe in the woods so he was somewhat wary. When he blurts out " So what's this going to cost?"



We said NOTHING, not one dollar!


Both Mr. Del Monte and I gladly donated over $2,000 in equipment and services for the program because we felt we were in a position to help. Moreover we thought that it is our duty to help..



The date for the first session was set for Thursday April 7th that following week @ 3:45pm



I got to the school a little earlier to setup for my class.


At exactly at 3:45 the principal comes in with 16 super excited kids from the 5th ,6th and 7th grade, 9 girls and 7 boys.


They set their bags to the side then line up infront of me.


Few of them come to me before they head to the line up and tell me that they cant wait to learn how to kick box and get strong so the bullies stop picking on them, or lose weight so the boys or girls will like them or when they get the 8th grade they would stand up to the older kids. 


My heart just melted, i mean who hasn't been in that same situation as a child. I really have the opportunity to make an impact on these kids life.



We started out with a dynamic warm up then moved on to a few exercises. After that i handed out some hand wraps as gifts to each kid.


They were so pumped!!



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photo courtesy of Chirstopher Romulo owner of CROM martial training 

92-07 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Rockaway Beach, NY 11693 

Tel. 718.490.2238




We moved on to some footwork then basic punches, jabs and crosses. 


By then it was 5pm and time for the kids to head home. 


They gathered their stuff and were still wearing the hand wraps i walked them all up stairs to the schools lobby and sent them on their way.


On the way out the door one of the 7th graders in the class came up to me before he left and told me how much he really needed this class and that this is going to help him not be afraid anymore.


I asked what he was afraid of? He said that some of the other kids make fun of him and that he's going to learn how to stand up for himself so the they don't tease him anymore.  Before I had the chance to say anything to him he said thank you Mr. Danny and ran home tightening his wraps.



I chose to be a trainer to help change lives, to help people understand the important of health, strength training and reaching their goals. Working with children does all that but also goes much further in instituting a tract an early age that can help immeasurably in these kids lives.


I know this program will help these kids- what I didn’t know is that these kids are going to help me.


They are allowing me to  see my  purpose and are challenging me to be better than I thought I was.


Its going to be a fun journey and I will keep you guys posted.


At the risk of sounding corny I'll end this post with Gandhi words; “Be the change you want to see in the world."










 Giving Back












If you are interested in enrolling your child in a Muay Thai program check out CROM Martial Training 

"All it takes is heart"



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