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Tell me this hasn't happened to you. Because it just happened to me.


Your killing it, eating good all week, hitting the gym up like a beast, your focused and feeling like a champ. Just a little bit closer to your goals. 


And then…


Here comes the weekend!   


Party's, bars, street fairs, you know what I mean, FOOD AND DRINKS!!!  


So what do you do?!?!


Enjoy yourself, a little…


One drink turns to 2, then 6. And you know what since you already jacked up your diet might as well just have some greasy ass food to wash down these sugary alcoholic beverages. 



Hey it is what it is, I'm not judging, I've been there and still go there from time to time. Food, drinks, life and time with friends and family are meant to be enjoyed how you see fit. 






Monday comes and you’re feeling like a crappy fatty patty because of the damage you've just inflicted on your body this past weekend. (My wife gave me too many margaritas) True story. 



This is how you keep the fat gain to a minimum and get right back on track. 



Now I know you've guys probably ready that you should go right back on your diet, not skip a meal and begin where you left off the previous week. 



That's the old school thought of nutrition. 



The rational behind it was that if you skip a meal somehow your metabolism would instantly shut down and you'd start to grow fat on your ears in the matter of hours. 




Frequency or amount of meals each day has NO effect on our metabolisms.   


Tons of research has proven if you eat one meal a day or five it won't effect body composition as long and your calories and macros are where they should be. 



Ok so to keep this short-ish this is the exact plan I use. 


1) I cry because I feel terrible and hung over. Then I ask the fitness and nutrition gods for forgiveness for the bad food and drinks I have consumed this past weekend. ;) 



2) I know exactly what my meals should look like for that day based on my workout schedule using our new nutrition system. Since I know that part I don't have to think about how much protein, fats carbs and what my calories are, the guess work is taken out.  




3) I fast for 12-18 hours. This does a few things…



* It allows my body to process all the junk I consumed this past weekend without the added stress of trying to digest even more food.     


* Allows me to reset all hunger signals to normal state by just giving the digestive system a break.


* Allows my body to possibly start burning fat for fuel after it's done digesting what I consumed the previous day. 



 4)  I eat my total number of required meals later in the day. If I'm hungry I'll eat them all, if not, I won't. 

It's really that simple. 




Their is a lot science to why this approach works and we can get very intricate on getting the best results from this method, but… 


  1. I can only put so much info in an email that you would actually read. 
  2. I want to give you something that you can use right now. 



 My job as a educator is to make this seem so simple that you feel like you should have known this. If I've ever made you think that, then I'm fulfilling my obligation as a trainer / coach.  


One quick thing before I get out of here.  

The fasting isn't starving me starving myself. All I'm doing is moving all of my meals to a later time in the day just to give my body a break. 


You most likely won't be very hungry because of the surplus of the previous day. 



Hope this very simple tip helps keep you on track. 





Let me know what you guys have to say about this one. 



Keep Moving, 


Dan Salazar






pixel How to cheat on your diet | Dan Salazar | Best Gym In Brooklyn
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