How to fix a bad mood | Dan Salazar | Krankamania

 How to fix a bad mood | Dan Salazar | Krankamania









What's up? 


Do you feel like you can't get a break?

I understand. Hurricane sandy just left and now we have to deal with another crazy chick trying to mess our sh$t up!
Now I won't sit here and tell you to be grateful because someone out there has it worse than you. What ever bothers you and what ever situation effects you is the most important problem because it does involve your life and you should want things to be better for yourself.

Some things are in our control and we can fix them and some things aren't in our control and their nothing that we can do about it, either way just let it be and move on. 

Way should we waste the limited time we have dwelling on situations we can or can't change. 

Just be happy.

Isn't that what it's all about? 

You work to make a living for you and (or) your family so you live in an apartment or home, so you eat, get nice things, go nice places, all of those things make us happy in some way. Same goes for sports, working out or whatever, you guys get the point. 

All I'm trying to say is put a smile on your face and move forward you will be surprised how much of a difference a little shift in your thinking can change you feel about any situation you are in. 

Have an awesome weekend!!!  


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Keep Moving,


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14daysfor14 How to fix a bad mood | Dan Salazar | Krankamania

pixel How to fix a bad mood | Dan Salazar | Krankamania
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