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There are only a few things that scare me, ghosts, germs, and being over weight again. 

Ok, ok I'm being a little dramatic. 

I here some people say that gaining weight is inevitable with age. I don't buy it. Yes as we get older your metabolism slows down a bit but it's our bad habits that end up being the deciding fact in weight gain. 

For the most part we all have an issue with carbs, chances are if you are over weight now you were probably feed, nothing but cereals, grains starches for the better portion of your life. 

Here are a couple of tips on how to deal with your carb infatuation! 


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Tip # 1– Go low carb, but not to low. 


I know this may make me seem like the weird guy in this day and age of low carb everything.

But trust me on this one, body builder, physique athletes and hot ripped people all over the world know that your body needs a certain amount of carbs. Now I've made the same mistakes in the past by low carbing forever only to ballon back up once I even thought about smelling a cookie, hahah!!! 


So here is the equation- Once you have a handle on your carb intake you insulin levels drop, a good thing, blood sugar is stabilized then and you burn body fat. 
BOOM, easy to understand right? 


So here is the draw back. Go too low in carbs, especially when combining that with intense strength training, will have some physiological and metabolic short comings. 

The worst of all is muscle loss. I hope I don't have to explain why thats bad, even for you ladies looking to get toned. 


Just in case, your new to this stuff, know that Muscle provides the shape of the body and If you lose muscle, you'll still appear soft, flabby and just be smaller version of your former self no matter how much weight you lose. 
Sorry I got a little descriptive just wanted to make sure you guys knew how important building lean muscle is. 


See what happens is that while you low carb your body can become adapted to burn fat at rest (a good thing) with low intensity activity, your strength training that builds lean muscle only runs on glucose (carbs). It can't use fat for fuel efficiently.

Your body has to find a way to get glucose from somewhere. The only other place to turn to is that toned muscle you worked so hard for.


Keeping just a few carbs in your fat loss diet will stop this from happening. 


That may be the reason some people just can't get as lean as they want to be considering all the work they put in the gym. Granted their are other factors but this one is up there on the totem pole.


Besides Muscle loss you have to worry about hormone issues. Once your hormones are jacked up, getting lean is gonna be an up hill battle. 



So what do I do?? 

About 100 grams of carbs a day seems to be the trick in getting and staying lean. 

If you have already been low carbing for some time now, I mean really low carb, not many fruits, 

no pasta, rice, potatoes, may be a half a sweet potato or some squash every few days, no milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, then you have been on your grind. 


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If not you haven't really been low carbing. 

We use a bunch of advanced techniques to get you in to fat burning muscle building mode here at Krank. But if you a beginner just focus on 100 grams of carbs per day from whole foods!!




Use this site to help you figure out what 100 grams of carbs looks like:

Don't try to slip in a bagel, muffin or pasta, cause it'll suck and won't work!

That one tip alone you should see steady fat loss without any of the ultra low carb side affects 


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Stay tuned for tip #2



Keep moving,

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Krank Systems Brooklyn
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