How to Stuff Your Face During the Holidays and Not Get Fat

It's November and cold as hell already!!


But it's also that time of the year where we start to pack on the pounds!!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah/Chanukah and New Years are all great reasons to loosen up a notch on the belt and let it all hang out, but you always end up regretting it when summer rolls around.


Well I have a few tricks on how to minimize the fat gain from the plethora of sweets and foods you are about to indulge in.

This post is something that all the trainers out their might hate me for because if done right it may allow you to basically stuff your face with goodies and still stay lean.

It goes against all the conventional wisdom that you constantly hear trainers talk about.





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What the Heck is Glycogen


First you need to know what glycogen is.




Because Glycogen is stored glucose. (sugar)


Glycogen is the bodies stored energy, with the biggest storage site in the liver and the balance in the muscles. For normal everyday movement and brain functioning energy is first pulled from the glucose in the bloodstream. Once that's depleted the body starts to pull energy, in the form of glycogen, from its storage sites.

After you eat the body takes the glucose it needs to function for movement and brain power and stores the rest as glycogen in the liver and muscles, to be used at a time when it is needed. Now if you have too much glucose in the body and all your storages are full the glucose starts to turn into fat.







If you are already over weight this tip WILL NOT help you lose weight or get into incredible shape. It will help you from gaining more weight. Depending on your fitness level and health this MAY NOT be the route for you to take. You SHOULD seek out a fitness and nutritional professional to help you meet your fitness goals.

Don't play around with your health!!



Just tell me how I can stuff my Face!!



Now that you know glycogen is stored sugar and you also know that if you fill up all your glycogen storages you get fat, this is how trick your body into staying in fat burning mode while still enjoying the pleasures of the holiday season.


It's called Glycogen depletion!!


This basically means that we are going to get rid of most of the glycogen in our body. We won't try to get rid of all of the glycogen because fat still needs some carbs for energy to be converted into fuel.

We'll just get rid of the glycogen in our muscles.


So the answer is WORKOUT before you eat!!




Benefits of depleting glycogen



When the muscles completely depleted you eventually have to replenish them.

At this point they will be body will be WAY more efficient at storing glycogen in the muscles and just soak up every bit nutrients and glucose (sugar) in that meal.

The reason this is good is that if your muscles can learn to store more then you will be less likely to get fat with each meal you have.

You'll also be able to workout longer since your muscle have a higher capacity of energy stores.




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What kind of Workout Should I Do?



Ok here's the game plan.





On the day your going to stuff your face wake up in the morning and head out for a light run or some cardio on an empty stomach.

When sleeping your body doesn't have to use much energy to sustain it self and so this a very light form of aerobic activity. 


Yeah, you burn fat while you sleep!


Well all know aerobics burns fat for the most part. Since you've just woken up from your beauty sleep you have mostly fat that was released from your body flowing through the blood to be easily used for fuel. By not eating before your morning cardio you won't allow this fat to go back in the cell to be stored for later use, it will just get used to fuel the cardio session. Some glycogen will also get depleted in the process.

Just remember, A LIGHT CARDIO SESSION, no more then 30 mins of work!


Do enough to just break a sweat, DON'T GO ALL OUT!!

We still have a little work to do.


Go ahead and have breakfast afterwards but keep the carbs MEGA LOW!


Eat a few eggs with some veggies, coffee (no sugar) etc…






This is the workout that really gets primed to get it poppin!

We have to understand that intensity and (or) duration of exercise plays a big factor in glycogen depletion.

So this afternoon workout can be long distance type cardio for about 60-75 mins at about an intensity of 70%.

For the average person that's like running on the treadmill between 7-9 mph on the treadmill.





You can knock out a couple of sets of circuit style training.


An example of that would be:


6 sets 10 reps each

60 second rest after each set


1a) Pushup variations

1b) Goblets squats

1c) Inverted rows variations

1d) Kettlebell swings

1e) Burpees


Once all 5 movements are done back to back 1 set is completed


For some a few of these movements may be easy. If they are it won't work. You have to make it difficult enough so that you can't do anything more than 10 reps but not so hard that you can't even reach 10 reps, it's a fine balance.


After this workout have a protein shake that has no more than 15-25 grams of carbs.


Just one other thing.

Be sure to drink at least a gallon of ice water before your holiday dinner. It will keep you full which may prevent you from eating more than you want and also help metabolize some unwanted body fat. Your body will have work to heat up the cold water for digestion so you'll burn some calories in the process.






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Their you go a step by step process on how stuff your face over the next few holiday's and not completely pay for it when summer rolls around.


But check it!!

This program won't help you get into the best shape of your life or get you results it's just to help you from gaining weight, it's not for helping you lose weight or gain muscle.

For that you'll need a detailed training nutrition program with your specific needs in mind.

If your lost and need some guidance give us a holler at 347-541-3181 or you can just schedule an appointment from the site HERE for a 2 week FREE Trial.









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