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I grew up in a pretty rough hood in Nyc.

When i was younger, before left my apartment  to head out to play my mom used to ask me a million and one questions. Where am i going, what am i going to do and who i was going to be with?  It was pretty damn annoying as a kid but now i understand.

You see, who you spend most of your time with can really effect your feelings, reactions, views, productivity and pretty much just zap the life out of you.  

 Human Road Blocks









Here's a list of a few people that you may need to phase out if you want to be more productive.


The Whinier-  This person always wants to complain about something but will never try to find a way to fix the problem

The judge- This guy has something to say about everyone

The  Novella (soap opera) –  Everything is a big deal to this person and everyday they are put in a life or death situation.

The jabber jaw- They just don't know when to shut up, god forbid you want to get a word in, it ain't happening.

The Herb- This dude will talk all sorts of shit and then escape when confronted.

The proceed with caution – Every new person they meet is a threat and out to get them. This guy is paranoid for no reason at all.

The lit fuse- This person causes a problem everywhere! Even at church this person will have some sort of issue that can get violent. 

The me me- This person will talk your ear off about themselves all damn day. 

These people will suck the life out of you!

Theirs no way to get around it, other people do influence you. Were human and we thrive off  of relationships, however relationships with negative people can put a halt on your productivity. 

Be aware of who you choose to surround yourself with.



Get yourself around motivated like minded people. If you want to be successful in a specific area get yourself around the people that have already made it in that field. Ask questions and understand the steps they've taken to get where you want to be.



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