Just Say You’re Lazy

Nike is on point with the slogan "Just Do It"

You could relate that to just about every aspect in life, what ever it is.

Sometimes you have to stop rationalizing (making excuses) things and just do it, especially the thing that you know are good for you.

But we are the best at talking ourselves out of G.S.D, Getting S&%t Done. It's real easy to make up all kinds of excuses for eating a whole sleeve of oreo's, slamming a 6 pack on a Tuesday and not working out, among other things.


The excuse I hear all the time is " I don't have time to workout"



This one runs threw me!!


I mean just say you don't like to sweat, work hard for what I want, I rather watch TV, go to bar, whatever but don't say you don't have any time.




exercise or die copy Just Say Youre Lazy



Everyone on this planet is busy and most are busier then you yet they still find the time to get that ass moving to get in shape.

I'm talking about just 2-3 hours a week to work out. Your saying out of the 168 hours in a week you can't find 3 hours to just break a sweat?? Then you got a real problem!!


Lets say you work 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, that leaves you with 118 hours left.


Commuting to and from work 2 hours a day, your at 108 hours.


You sleep 8 hours a day, which no one in this day and age does, now you have 52 hours.

You go shopping, take care of the house and kids etc, thats about 25 hours, still got 27 hours left!!!


busyrunner Just Say Youre Lazy









Let me give you another 15 hours to, read a book, hit up Face Book, surf the web, watch Board Walk Empire, vote on American Idol, pick your nose, scratch your ass, stare at the floor etc…


You still have 12 hours of nothing to do at all!!!!


So you gonna sit here and say you don't have time to workout??


Come on now, just take a little time out of your week to get yourself healthy, stronger, leaner, happier and in the best shape of your life, YOU are worth the time!!!





Leave a comment and let us know what are some excuses you use!!!





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