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What's the deal!

Just giving you guys the heads up, we just dropped our new KRANK Systems T-shirts and hoodies, they look official!!!

For the most part these T's and hoodies are execlusivly for the members of KRANK Systems, but we had a little idea.

Were going to give you guys a chance to win one of these bad boys!!


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Here’s how… With a video contest!!


Ok a few days ago I posted a video of one of our workouts, The 50/50!

We call it the 50/50 because not only do you have to be in great shape but you also have to be mentally tough. This workout requires you to knock out a series of movements in the shortest time possible.

I got tons of feed back from that Vid, everyone loved it!!! You can check that Vid out below…


Now we want everyone out there to give it a try!!!

The guy and girl that finishes this workout the fastest gets the goods!!


You in or what?!?!


The 50/50 workout

50 over hand pull up's (women can use a 1" super band close together on the bar with only one knee in)

50 box jump's (on a 30" box, stand tall at the top of the box)

50 regular full extention push up's

50 kettle bell swings (Men 24kg, Women 16kg)

50 push press's each arm, 100 total (Men 24kg, women 12kg)

50 altenating lunges (each leg 100 total)

50 reverse crunches

50 burpees

50 ball slams (15lbs jam ball)

Time yourself!!

This is what you gotta do


1. Film the workout. No edits, it should be one continuous shot.

2. Through out the workout and at the end of the workout film the stop watch

3. Email the video to using

4. Due Date for the Vids are next Saturday, March 10th, 12pm EST. We will choose the winner on Monday, March 12th.


Alright everyone you got a few days to Get Shit Done!

I can't wait to see the vids!!!

Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar


Leave a comment below!!


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