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Getting older might concern you, I know it kinda scares me a little. I think will I still be able to move the same way I do now or will i be a chubby dad reliving my glory years through stories of thing I use to be able to do or how ripped I was when I was in my 20"s. The average person gains about 5-10lbs each year!!


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Here's a few strategies to keep you fit through your golden years.

The number 1 best thing you can do you can do to prevent weight gain and hold on to muscle with age is make sure that you are doing some form of resistance training. This style of "working out" is going to help keep body weight down it will not only boost your metabolic rate hours after you’ve did your thing in the gym, but it's also going to increase your lean muscle mass which will strip you of the unwanted body fat.

Let's no forget foam rolling and dynamic warm-up's. They will keep you loose, limber and mobile, just a couple minutes each day will help prevent injury and insure you get the most out of each training session.

Having a sufficient amount of lean muscle mass weather male of female will take everything you eat and send it right in to your muscle to be used properly instead if the fat-cells that just hold on to everything and do nothing.

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Also you have to make sure you sweat just a little bit everyday.Staying active will boost your daily calorie burn so you can enjoy food and not worry to much about packing on the pounds.

Most people tend to get less active with age, so if they continue to eat the same, it only makes sense that you would gain weight.

Just take the long route to and from work, walk more, take the stairs, walk your dog for a few minutes more, understand every little bit helps.

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Even if you bust your ass in the gym, those cookies, cakes and chip will find a home right on your belt line.

I won't say don't ever eat that stuff again however I will say be smart with the foods you do choose to eat and don't go ape shit day in and day out. Your not 16 years old anymore so take it easy, real easy. 



Easy right?

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Those are just a few tips to help you stay lean and fit as you come up in the years. Getting and staying lean doesn't have to be something to dread, just be conscious of some of these things and your Golden!









Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Krank BK

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