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What’s the deal Kranksters!

It’s Dan again and I got a short blog post for you.

Simon Camaj one of our fellow Krank members completely demolished his competition this past weekend at the WKA world Muay Thai championships.

He went undefeated walking through every single opponent.

He walked away as the 2012 WKA Full Muay Thai rules national champion at 198 pounds as well as 2012 the WKA MMA national champion at 205 pounds!

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Pretty damn impressive huh?



Let me give you a brief background on Simon’s fighting career.

Simon started out training Mauy Thai at Church Street boxing gym about seven years ago with coach Jason Strout, this dude is a genius he’s my coach as well.

His current record is 20-4.

During a sparring session in 2010 while training for his 21st fight Simon collided knees with one of his training partners, he said his knee didn’t feel the same since.

He won the unanimous decision in that fight however he lost his last two fights of 2011.

He explained during the last 2 fights his knees felt unstable, he was in some serious pain just standing on them. He wasn’t able to let that furious right leg kick that he had become known for.

It was time to man up and see a doctor to figure out exactly what was wrong. The MRI found that Simon had a torn meniscus in his right leg; he needed surgery if he was to even consider stepping back in the ring.

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He went ahead and had the surgery and basically just was forced to step away from training and fighting for over a year.



Back to business!!


3 months after the surgery Simon was ready to get back into it. He reached out to me and asked if I could help get him back in to shape while keeping that knee healthy, I was most deffinitly up for it. That’s my dude and I wasn’t gonna let him down!!


We started training on February 20th, the dude set up a fight for himself April 1st!!

He hasn’t fought in over a year, had surgery 3 months prior to getting back in the gym, weighed in at a hefty 248 pounds and set up a fight ONLY giving himself only 6 weeks to get back in shape.


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Now that’s gangster!!


For all you aspiring coaches out there let me give you a little tip…

Fighters or anyone with a specific goal is a different type of animal (client) to work with. They have one thing one the mind, succeed.

That can be good and bad. Good in the sense that they will do whatever you tell them to do for the most part. Bad in the sense that they may over do it because they want to reach there goals so bad. So this is where good coaching comes into play, you may just have to save them from themselves so they don’t get injured in the process.
If they get hurt they can’t achieve their goal which sucks and you lose your job which also sucks.

Know who your working with!!



We started on basic fundamental movement patterns, mobility and stability, conditioning and strength. Our program was based on how his training sessions were mapped out with Muay Thai coach Jason Strout over at Church St. Boxing gym.

Jason and I talked often about Simon’s progress and figured out what were his strengths and weaknesses. I went to down to Church St. to see how he moved in the gym just so I could understand exactly what we were looking for so Simon could get the best results.

I’ll spare you the details but the outcome was more then good!

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He weighed in at 198 lbs. down from 248 lbs., the knee held up and kicks were thrown with ease, he completely crushed the competition and walked away with 2 championships.

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If your interested in learning boxing or Muay Thai you should most definitely check out Jason at  Chruch St. boxing gym

Church St. Boxing
25 park pl.
New York, NY 10007


I’m just happy Simon and Jason brought me along on this trip.

Simon is a beast and back better then ever!
Jason is a fucking scientist when it comes to boxing and Muay Thai!

I can’t wait to work with these 2 guys again.


Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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