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I got an email the other day on yoga and it's effectiveness on fat burning, so this is what I think…

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There is tons of confusion on the true benefits are of yoga. Most yoga instructors say that all you need is to do yoga to be healthy and fit.



Here are the claims:

  • Increased tone and definition
  • Fat loss
  • Improved flexibility (with hot yoga being especially good for this)
  • Better mental focus
  • Better mind and muscle connection
  • More endurance

Some are true. But should you only just do yoga to lose weight and fat? Let's take a closer look of what yoga can and cannot do, and then compare it to what strength and resistance training.


Yoga's claimed benefits


Lets take a look what yoga can really do.


Yoga increases tone and definition.

The claim is that by doing yoga poses it works the muscles to bring about tone and definition.

The truth is that holding the poses works the muscles to work to a certain degree, but not to the intensity needed to bring about meaningful tone or definition.

These light body weight exercises and poses just aren't challenging enough.

We need something a bit more dynamic and way more intense to do so!


Yoga for fat loss.

Does yoga burn fat?

Ummmm, sort of.

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I mean you are burning fat just sitting on the couch, that is an aerobic activity.

It doesn't contribute to the EPPOC effect at all (to find out what EPPOC is click HERE==>> ) that you get from an intense exercise program.

This effect burns many more calories even after you are done working out. You will burn way more total calories and fat from higher intensity exercise such as strength training than from lower intensity exercise such as yoga.



Improves flexibility.

Yoga is good for flexibility, but alone it does not improve your level performance or meet your end goal of burning fat.  Having substantial flexibility may not be a good thing.

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You will overstretch your ligaments which leads to instability of the joints and shit will get you hurt. Once the ligaments are overstretched, they cannot shrink back!!! Some flexibility is good, especially for the guys and gals that throw around heavy weight. 

Some joints need to be mobile and some need to be stable. A good portion of the movements in yoga may compromise the integrity and rigidity of the joint.


Here are the jobs of each joint:

Foot — Stability
Ankle — Mobility
Knee — Stability
Hip — Mobility
Lumbar Spine — Stability
Thoracic Spine — Mobility
Scapula — Stability
Gleno-Humeral Joint — Mobility
Elbow — Stability

Remember, once the ligaments are stretched, they do not go back!!



Mental and body connection.

The better mental focus, a deeper meditative state, proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness are the bomb with yoga!

That was the original goal of yoga.


More endurance. 

Hmmmm, I don't think so. To improve your endurance and aerobic capacity, you need to elevate your heart rate for an extended period of time, a minimum of 15-30 minutes, or preform some sort of interval type training that raises your heart rate in and past that aerobic zone for 15 minute intervals.

It's just not possible with yoga.


Now what? No yoga?

Look, I think yoga is pretty dope and has important health and metal benefits, but t's not best way to lose weight or fat and won't help get you a tone sculpted body.

Use yoga for the purpose it was created and stick to strength, interval and metabolic style resistance training for getting the body you want to look great and preform well.

Check the vid below!!




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