No one wants you to lose weight | Trainer story | ny best personal trainer

images No one wants you to lose weight | Trainer story | ny best personal trainer
Serina’s story
So one way or another we all battle body images. Most of the time, women feel it more than men. I’ve had the privilege to speak with more than a few of you about said topic. Thank you for your trust.
I just want to give you a little insight into my life.
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Now most of you have seen my before and after pics, and were completely amazed.
Just thought I’d mention, the before pics were two years ago. Yes, that recent. So before I explain, how I did it and what worked, allow me to discuss some of my battles.
I was pretty active as child, teen, and adult. My weight was always an issue because my eating habits were horrible. So whenever I stopped being active the weight came right back.
I tried every diet known, and even some unknown. I did Atkins, Weight watchers, fruit, boiled plantains, acupuncture, musa (which is getting stabbed with needles containing liquid, I don’t even know what), pills, and bought anything on infomercials!! Sure it worked for about two weeks to a month, then when I stopped, every pound came back and then some!!
Then I had knee surgery in 2009. What was supposed to be a simple 4-6 wk recovery became 8-12 wks, that turned in to two years. I didn’t know how to work out without running, jumping, skating, or kick boxing.
I had gotten so heavy, I barely attended family functions. When I did, I had baggy clothes with spanks & tights anything to look thinner. I fell into a dark place. Stayed home, drinking for no reason, eating everything and anything. The more I stressed the more I gained. I felt like I was dying inside because the body I had inside of me was not the body image the mirror was reflecting. Then there was my mom, always reminding how big I got and that I wasn’t getting any younger.
So what changed, I finally decided deep in my heart and soul that I had enough.
I went to my sister’s bday bbq in Sept., and Danny approach me about the gym. He was just about to open in October.
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He spoke to me about Krank & asked to train me for a month and see what happens. That if it worked, all I had to do was let people know.
My sis and I informed him of my bad knees and his remark was a little cocky so I was reluctant.
Now what some of you may not know is Danny is my nephew. So he will forever be the little pain in the ass that don’t know shit! I left it at that and didn’t jump on it. I cut my meals down. I would serve myself on a smaller plate. I shared bad for with my kids, that way even if we ate bad it wasn’t a full serving.
I then started adding more fruit and nuts though out the day to feel full. I did low impact tapes at home. I saw some results but again I felt the plateau coming on.
Then one day I said, let me go to Krank. I’ll do what I can and that’s it!! Danny kicked my ass for an hour. What clicked for me was for that hour I thought of nothing else but me!!!
Hey maybe Danny did know what he was talking about! LOL! When I completed the work out, I felt great! In my mind, I challenged myself and won. I didn’t quit! I felt strong inside for the first time in years. I came back three times a week.
My motivation was not losing weight and getting this awesome body, it was let me get there and release all of my frustrations from the day. I fought with my kids because now I’m not home. My mom would say okay stop going to the gym. SMH!! I didn’t care, it was my time!!!
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See people, what happens when we focus on one thing,( like our flaws) we miss the big picture. What do I mean, after our kick ass work outs, we feel unstoppable. Then I would pass a mirror and still see that fat bitch.
So yes I would get discouraged. It takes time. I knew that eventually, everything would fall into place. I stuck to the working out and eating right.
I didn’t pay any mind to my flaws. Before I know it, I tried my “some day” bin of jeans, and I totally by passed them. They were baggy. Are you kidding me!!! I went for my “wishful thinking” bin and they fit! I think I cried. That feeling of accomplishment was so over whelming.
I don’t ever want to lose this feeling. Every time we complete a work out we feel great, and want the next challenge. When we can’t finish, then we just push harder next time.
Funny thing is you would think that the fact I’ve lost 70lbs and kept it off that my family would be so supportive. But NOO!! They judge me when I eat right, and God forbid they see me cheat! “OMG, you’re going to gain your weight back. You know in your 40s it’s harder to loose”. That’s still my mom. LOL. My sis, who is obese says, “I thought working out is supposed to give you an applebottom?” What do I have back there! LOL Then my other sis who’s skinny swears every time she see me, I’ve gained weight. I should be 100lbs bigger by now!
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My point is this, everyone has an opinion about you. The only one that counts is your opinion of yourself!!
As long as you eat healthy more times than not, stick to working out, and absolutely stay positive amidst this very NEGATIVE world, you will get the results you want!!
You didn’t gain your weight in a day, nor did you develop bad habits overnight. DO NOT EXPECT RESULT AS QUICKLY!! There are NO magic pills, or gimmicks that will do the trick! Trust me, I’ve tried them all!! Long term success results from hard work and dedication! Learn baby steps, even the tortoise won the hare!! LOL
Each one of us is beautiful and handsome the way we are, and if you are Kranking it is to improve the way you feel inside. The outside result is just an added bonus.
Accept your flaws and do not stress them because you will miss the big picture dwelling on what you see as BIG while everyone else pays it no mind! Stay Positive, be patient, and continue to FSU!!
Hope this helps some of you! Know that we are a family and a positive community which is why Krank works!! Do not hesitate, whenever you need any one of us, feel free to contact us!! We are here for you all!
Peace, love, and Krank On!!

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201


pixel No one wants you to lose weight | Trainer story | ny best personal trainer
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