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What up Kranksters!!!

Hope your weekend was off the hook, mine was perfect!

Nothing is ever perfect but I couldn't have asked for a better time. 


Friends, family, laughs, jokes just happiness!


Life really fu&%s you up at times. Bills, arguments, train delays. You know what all that shit is trivial. You have life. You woke up this morning and set your feet on the ground, you given a second chance to punch the world in the face and leave your mark. 


This is your time, your chance to prove to YOU how great YOU can really be. Push yourself to the limit and take chances you didn't last week, to work harder for what it is you really want out of life,  really fuck shit up.


 NYC best personal trainer | Dan Salazar | One more chance









Sometimes we just settle and allow life to happen to us if we let it. 


I had a conversion with one of the members this morning that made my day. She made the decision to change her life, she didn't like where things were going and change it all. She didn't like her job so she went back to school after being out for so long got a degree and now loves everything about what she does. She decide to take care of her health so she quit smoking, after about 20 years, just left it. 


From there joined Krank and completely changed her diet. Now the weight is coming off and life just seems to going in the right direction. 


It's going in the right direction because she took it there, it was her choice. 


Understand you are in control.


 NYC best personal trainer | Dan Salazar | One more chance








No one will give you anything you have to earn it, you have to take it. 



You will get knocked down, you will fail, your progress may seem like it's at a stand still. 


Just keep push forward!!


Do you believe another man or women is better then you?

Do you think other people are more special then you?

Do you feel in your heart that you are not worthy of everything you want out of life?


I hope not because if you do you've already lost, you don't stand a chance. 


Here is the recipe for success


1) Believe 

2) Do work!

3) Don't stop till you win


That's it!


Stand up, be strong, be the person you were born to be, let the beast free and challenge every doubt everyone has ever had about you, challenge every doubt you have about yourself.


What are you going to do this week to make sure you win?


Watch this vid!!!



Keep Moving,

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