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Knowledge is most definitely power!

However that isn't the whole truth. Knowledge without action is useless.

You can know everything but if you do nothing you'll never progress in any endeavor.

Think of knowledge as wheels and action as a car.

Think about it. If you have wheel and no car, then your not gonna get anywhere fast. If you have a car and no wheels, at least you can still walk (action) and get to where your going.

I hope you see where I'm trying to go with this and I don't just sound like some lunatic mechanic.  icon smile NYC Personal Trainer  MOVE!!!


We at KRANK meet tons of people that have all types of questions about nutrition, program design, workouts and everything in between that's health related, but the real question is what are you gonna do now that you know…


I've met some really smart people that know tons of stuff about health and fitness, but you what??  A lot of them we're still over weight and weak. They did absolutely nothing the all that knowledge they've acquired.


Action will get you closer towards your goal!!!



You have tons of resources at your finger tips like this blog, Pete's blog, Rob's blog and Nick's blog all you have to do is read the stuff and apply it.

Think about it like this…


If gave you a map to a lost treasure, what good would it do if you never got off the couch???


What action will you take today, to get you closer your goal?




Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Krank BK

Fatloss, Strength and Conditioning

2 Prince St 5FL

Brooklyn, NY 11201




pixel NYC Personal Trainer  MOVE!!!
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