NYC Personal Trainer-Who Gave Up Already?!

What up Krank-a-holics!!!


All I have to say is Stand Up NYC!!!

Big Blue, The NYC Giaints pull it off!!!

Super bowl here we go!!!



But the real reason for this post today is on January 1st, 2012 a kabillion people made new years resolutions and by now most have already quit.


They gave up! ALREADY!!


images7 NYC Personal Trainer Who Gave Up Already?!



They wanted to stop smoking, lose weight, spend more time with family etc… They just put all that shit out the window in just a few short weeks.


You know why, because they said it's too hard, they can't do it, they can't find the time. The same excuses they used last year in only 23 fu$%king days.


Look, bottom line is it's your life, only YOU can change YOU, YOU have to wake up every single day and look at YOURSELF in the mirror every morning before work and every evening before YOU go to bed and know that YOU didn't give it your all.


No one in this world is going to give you what you want, no one.


You have to take it, you have to work for it, you have to earn it. Whatever "IT" is for you.


Meeting your goals is a simple task, simple but not easy.

Make the descion, stick to it and DO WORK SON!!


The answers you need are out there, fuc&*ing GOOGLE them for gods sakes!


Remember why you chose the New Years Resolutions you did on January 1st.

Don't allow this year to go just as quick as last year!


G.S.D. (Get Shit Done)





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Keep Moving,

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