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Your mind is capable of so many things. It can figure out complex problems, store vast amounts of information rationalize situations and also lie to you.  It can and does convince us not to do the things we know will benefit us, and stops us from making any progress in most aspects of our lives. 



Through years of trial and error I figured out a way to turn my brain off when I need to. I try to be very very careful with the crazy rationalizations and excuses my mind can create when I set a goal that I know will impact my quality of life. 


I've failed so so many times at business and my personal life, if I would have listened to the negative scenarios my mind created to get me to quit I would have never continued to make the progress that I have so far. 



images Self Sabotage | Dan Salazar | Best Gym In Brooklyn



We have to understand that the mind and body seek homeostasis. The mind wants comfort and is afraid of discomfort and change. 

It is our obligation to push out of this “comfort zone” if we are ever to realize any success or progress in life. 



Here are some, but not all of the excuses that’ll run through my brain sometimes: 



It’s not for me. 

The situation were about to enter in seems too hard, so we think “this isn’t for me." I think it’s because a part of you doesn't really believe in ourselves. Believing in yourself may be the most important aspect of overcoming this excuse. 



They can, but I can’t.  

Sometimes we and I've done it as well think that I’m differently or just not capable of doing what others have. Maybe they have better genetics, more time, more resources than I do. Maybe they were never in the situations I have been in.  


It’s easy to find an excuse for something you can’t do, but do a quick google search for people that have overcome adversities, and i’d bet you’ll find pages of articles and biographies of people in worse situations than you currently are in that have done amazing things! You can overcome your obstacles if you really want to.




First I have to___.  

I've done this like a million times. Before I start working I need coffee, then water, then take a shit, call my mom and before you know it I get nothing done. How many times have you said before I go to the gym, I've got to get in shape, start eating right, etc… Their will never be a perfect time and situation for you to get started on what you know you need to do so just start right now! 




Life is about having fun. 

I 100% agree with that, but I think we often use that excuse to eat junk food and not take care of ourselves the way we know we should. Yes, eat sweets, drink, play and enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer but take care of yourself so you can enjoy these things for many years to come.



I’ll do it tomorrow. 

This one is the worst because tomorrow you’ll probably feel and say the same exact thing as you said today. When you give into the tomorrow mantra your acuity building the habit of “never” the habit or procrastination.


Don’t slack on yourself just because you don’t feel like it, in a few days, weeks, months or years you’ll have nothing but a ton of regret. Get started now.  




I don’t feel like it. 

I get it, sometimes you just don’t want to do anything. No one wants to work hard. But think about all the things that wouldn’t get done if we just gave in to this feeling. Buildings, businesses, being healthy, anything great that was ever created or done was done during the toughest times and were done when they didn’t feel like doing them. Don’t give in, get it done. 



I’m tired. 

Yep, me too and so are most people. We all have very busy lives. Yes we all need rest and recovery from times to time but when you're resting more than your working, that's when goals aren’t realized. 



I’m scared. 

Whenever we are presented with a “change" or "stay the same” situation all of our fears come alive. Change is unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  Just because you're scared doesn’t mean it is impossible. Up until now, if you think about it, how many situations have you been in that looked bleak and impossible to get through. I’ve battled homelessness, losing jobs, quitting jobs just to pursue my dreams.


I'm not trying to boast; I’m just saying that if I would have succumbed to fear nothing in my life would have come to be.  The fear will always be there and it's up to you to stand up and do what must be done and take control of your life. 





Understand the difference between an excuse and reality. 


Allowing the excuse to take over will build bad habits, and these habits will hold you back from the change you seek. 


Take a look at your current situation. Is this the life, the health you really want to live with? 


Understand that there are people in your same exact situation that are making the change you really want. You are capable that that change as well. 

Find a way and go for it. 


Here are a few people that are making a change. 




If you are ready for the change CLICK HERE==>> 


Keep Moving, 


Dan Salazar



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