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With Thanksgiving just a couple days away and the holiday season around the corner I know how hard it is to resist all the eating and drinking (and the weight gain that comes with it) so I put together for you an awesome guide to eating during the holidays. I was going to put this on the #blog# but decided to only offer it to you as a subscriber to my e-mail list. 

Whatever you do, DON’T try to convince yourself that you’re going to eat less after the holiday event, it’s ok to eat what you want. It's one time a year so enjoy. 

DO eat less for the 3-5 days leading up to the event. You’ll look even better when you turn up at the event and you will feel less guilty when you enjoy yourself. 

DO dress nice, no sweat pants and a hoodie to grandma's or aunties house.  Wear something fitted, get your hair did, get all fancied up. This way you will feel less likely to go nuts and have a huge dinner. 

DON'T drink wine or beer. Go for the gusto, drink the hard stuff if you must have something. Why? Because you can nurse a hard drink all night and if you get really smashed you'll be too drunk to eat anymore! HAHAHAH!!

For real though, with wine and beer there’s a higher chance you will want couple more then you should.  


DON’T sit in front of the TV. What’s on TV this Thanksgiving? An awesome football game. What’s in front of the TV? Most likely a table with snacks.

If you really want to watch the game then do it standing up.

DO bring your own dish to the occasion.

1) It's Thanksgiving, don't just ransack someones house and grab all their food.  

2) You'll be able to sneak in something semi healthy, no one will ever know. Ha! 

DO send people home with food if you are hosting a party. If it's in your house your going to eat it. Let's not rely on will power here. 


Stick to the guidelines and I promise you will keep the weight off while everyone around you gains another 8-12 pounds! 


And if you want to actually LOSE weight during the holidays then check this out….. 

On "Black Friday" I’ll be opening up our KRANK Program that will actually help you drop literally burn fat during the holidays without being on a miserable diet…. the best part is that I'll be offering it at a RIDICULOUS rate. The only thing is that I can only take on 15 people. Once these 15 spots are filled, I won't be able to accept any more people until the New Year so keep your eyes peeled on Friday for this one time deal. 

Keep Moving, 

Dan Salazar

Krank Brooklyn
2 Prince st. 8FL 
Brooklyn, NY 11201

pixel Thanksgiving Weight Gain | Best Gym In Brooklyn
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