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I want to get in shape, where do I start??


I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard people ask this. I do love it when I'm asked this because I know when they start they’ll feel better, look better and enjoy their life so much more.

However, most people never stick to their new ambition, especially if it was a New Years resolution because there’s so much workout information available on the internet that its kind of hard to figure out where to start. Grab any health and fitness mag and you will find tons of info that will conflict with each other and you’ll end up more confused than when you started.

Should I do just do cardio or weight training, should I workout 3 days, 4 days or 5 days a week? How about diet? Should I diet first then start working out?

All of those are great questions but if your just starting out simple always works best.

If your looking to get started in a beginner based personal training program Krank has you covered!


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Here are the guidelines for a beginner based training program:


1) High frequency

You want to train at least 3 days per week. Yes 3 days! It isn't too much for a beginner, training 3 days a week will teach your body how to properly do the movements required of the program. You ever heard the saying practice makes perfect? Well It's true and you do need to practice however you need to practice perfect to make it perfect so focus on form!!


2) Full body training

You must train your entire body, you can't just do crunches all day for your abs and expect to get lean and toned. Your abs are very small muscles and since they are small they don't require much energy and because they don't need much energy for movement they won't tap into those fat storages and burn em up! So we need to move those big muscle to burn the fat covering that lean body.


3) Low volume training

Now I know i said high frequency and now I'm saying low volume but hear me out. You must train multiple times per week to get better at the movements however the amount of time you are training per session must be short. Why? Because you can easily burn yourself out and be sore for days in the initial stages of training. That will delay recover and keep you away from the gym. SO DON'T GO HAM!!


4) No advanced techniques

Keep it simple! I know you pumped about starting out and want to try all the latest stuff to burn fat fast however we just started training so that means we can get the maximal benefit with minimal effort or complexity. Would you want to burn a ton of fat doing 2 hours of training or just 40 minutes?


5) Focus on progressions

We have about 20 different ways to perform a simple squat. Once you learn the progressions to a movements a and structure a training program, not a workout (huge difference) then you can consistently get results, but you need to train not just workout!!


I hope all that information made things a little clearer.

If you are a beginner or know someone that is ready to make the change for better health and a banging body CLICK HERE==>> to get started!


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pixel The beginner training program | Best gym in brooklyn | Dan Salazar
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