The New Breed

The world of sports has moist definatley changed over the years.

Everyone is running faster, jumping higher, throwing harder , records are being broken.

Including racial barriers in sport.


Breaking Ground

Its was once thought that certain ethnic group should only participate in certain sports. 

Think about it how many black hockey players were around 30, 20 even 10 years ago. now there are many, still not as many as white hockey player but they are making their presence felt.

Jarome Iginla The New Breed








Jerom Iginla

Once touted as the first captain of African descent in NHL history.




In major league baseball Japan is making  way in the sport.

The first Japanese player of major league baseball was Masanori Murakami. He was signed to the San Francisco giants September 1, 1964. For over thirty years after Murakami was signed  he was the only Japanese player to appear in an MLB game.

Now Japanese players are in just about every major league team and dominate in many aspects of the game.

imgres The New Breed







Masanori Murakami 

First Asian player in major league baseball.




The New Breed

Everybody make way for one of the nastiest white boys I've ever seen with a basketball!! This kid got ups!!

Jacob Tucker The New Breed










Jacob Tucker, a 5-foot- 11 guard from division 3 Illinois College in Jacksonville, Ill.



Now hes not the first white guy to ever play basketball or even dunk a ball but this kid is breaking the racial stigma that white men cant jump in a major way!!

He may not make it to the NBA with dunks alone but damn the kid has got some talent!!


pixel The New Breed
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