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What’s up!!

I feel this may be the most important post for you guys this year.

This might get a little uncomfortable but it’s something we have to talk about.

There is something thing that happens in one persons life when they actually start to get results called, the rebound.


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Here’s an example, it may have happened to you.

Let’s say  you start off on a training program. The first few weeks your able to drop 5 – 10  pounds and fit back into some clothes you haven’t worn in awhile.

Your pumped now!

Your goal is to lose 30 pounds in total and so you have about 20 to go.

Then the rebound happens.

After a few weeks you slack off on a couple of the eating habits that helped you lose the weight…you gain 4 pounds and it’s okay…you’ll start again next week and come back stronger.

Then next week comes.

You have a party to go to, can’t make it to another workout. Dinner with friends, you cheat on your diet. It’s not your fault, you have so many things going on, you’ll make it up next week. You’ll get focused, next week, and get back to where you were before.

Then next week comes…nothing happens. You hit the gym hard but eat like shit. Or even worse…you don’t even train at all and you thinks your eating normally but that’s all rationalizations.

Your really eating like shit and deep down inside you know it.


What happens next?

You actually gained back more than what she had lost. You upset rationalize that nothing works, you body type is different, you feel depressed, angry, possibly angry at other people and almost give up.

Ever happened to you?

It’s happened to me, a lot. I’ve seen it happen to plenty of people at Krank too



It’s the rebound.

When you start to reach your goals and get results…something in the brain tries to pull you back to where you were before.

In most cases it pull you back to an even worse position then you were in before you started.

I feel this may be the number one reason why people continue to gain weight after trying so many weight loss programs.


Here’s a few reasons why I think this happens…

Our self image hasn’t changed to reflect the person we want to be….yet.


mirror self reflection image 250x346 The Rebound  Why you never meet your goals | NYC Personal Trainer

This is the most important factor to change. Not only do you have to change your habits and do different things to reach your goals…the very scary part is that you have to change who you are now to become the person you want to be.

It’s scary. People don’t like change and they’ll do whatever they can to stay in their own little bubble of comfort.

Once they start getting results from a fitness program they’ll automatically screw themselves up subconsciously. It will be a missed workout here. An extra cheat meal there. A margarita or five there.



It’ll get to the point where that person ultimately rebounds back to where they were before. It’ll happen so slowly  that one day they’ll wake up and wonder…what the fu*k happened?

Then they start to wonder if they’ll ever be able to reach their goal and just accept that they will be that way for life.

All of this has to do with our self images and the best part about this is…we can change our self image. And this is the first step to doing it…

I need you to do an exercise with me:


1) Think what you really want. Write it out in as much detail as possible. It should only take you 5-10 minutes.

If you are really serious do it, it’s that important.


Once you got your detailed goals written out move on to exercise #2:


2) Look at your goal, now break it down to the type of person that you have to be to achieve this goal. Write of what type of habits do you have to pose in order to make this goal happen in real life?



Here is exactly what my goal would look like

I weigh 190 pounds at 8% body fat. This upcoming summer I will have the mobility, stamina and strength to be able to rollerblade all day, jog with my dog, play in the park with my daughter and fu*k sheit up in the gym. (All positive affirmations)


Who do I have to become?

- Positive minded
- Surrounded by like minded people with similar goals
- Use a food journal and eat 85% healthy meals
- Follow a sound nutrition plan and trust that it will help me reach my goals.
- Have to cheat on my meals once a week to give my mind and body a break.
- Take a short break from drinking every few weeks for a 21 days
- Prepare meals in advance
- Support members of Krank so they can reach their goals
- Train at least 3 days a week and perform 5 minute mobility drills and stretching 5 days a week

That is part of the exact list I use to reach my current goals.

If you really want to do great things for yourself, focus on the person you must become.

Some people will say “Oh that won’t work for me. These things never work for me.”

They are right!


images 2 The Rebound  Why you never meet your goals | NYC Personal Trainer









Question is…Do you think you can make this work? Or are you going to make excuses and Rational – lies?

The choice is up to you and it always has been and it always will be.

I’m always here to help out and give you that occasional kick in the privates if you need it.


If you are ready to make the change for a better lifestyle in 2014



Keep Moving

Dan Salazar

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