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Welcome 2013!!

You've made it through another year and now it's time to finally get yourself on track with your health and fitness. Before you start on your fitness journey and get all gung ho about it you have to first figure out what might have steered you off track in 2012 or will steer you off track in 2013.

For me I sometimes put things off because I didn’t have time, energy, I had too many other obligations, no motivation, work got in the way, didn't have money, blah blah blah… Know what I mean.

But I noticed that I was just shitting myself, my priorities were just out of wack and now I just changed the way I think about all of my goals and what seems like set backs.


Lets take a look at some of the excuses that might set you back and beat the crap out of them!


1. No time. Sweat a few minutes a day. All you need is 5-10 minutes a day if you just getting started in fitness. Knock out a few burpees in the living room, go out for a power walk or hit the stair case of you apartment building. Really, thats all it takes to set the exercise habit. If you can’t, then you got a problem and really need to rethink your priorities. Dead the TV, Internet or any unproductive thing that may be holding you back from just 5-10 minutes of exercise. Then when the habit is built add time to your short workouts. Really just a few minutes a day will make a huge difference.


2. I have kids. Um, me too and so do most fit people in the world. So you may not be able to take them to the gym but you can take them to the park and play with them, run, climb and throw them around, it's kinda like lifting weights! If you exercise with your kids you are setting an awesome example that health and fitness is important. You can also figure things out with your other half or a family member to watch them for a few while you go do your thing in the gym. If you don't show your kids the right way who will?


3. Work kills me. Yeah work does take a toll sometimes. But if put yourself first you can swing both fitness and work. Train in the morning before, it's a great way to get you pumped up for the day ahead or workout right after work to unwind and de-stress bottom line is this excuse does not fly.


4. I’m tired. Not training makes you feel more tired most of the time. Training has be proven to create new red blood cells that will be utilized to more efficiently transfer oxygen through out the body thus giving you more energy and not only that It will also excite your nervous system and will have you ready to shred the day. So go to the gym and move around, break a sweat and get those juices flowing!


5. I’m sick or injured. If sick or in serious pain, stay home and rest. However a little cold, soreness or a bum knee shouldn't stop you from working out, their is always a plan B. Just figure out a way to work around the injury and sweat out that cold. Any good trainer can adjust the program based on how you are feeling. Just find some one that knows their shit and tell him whats the matter and he or she will hook you up with a regressed version of the program.


6. The gym is too expensive. The average american earns $37,000 – $41,000 per year. They also spend on average $2,900 on eating out and thats just meals during the mid-day work week, oh and they also spend an average of $1,000 per year on coffee our nations drug of choice. (Don't forget all the dumb shit we spend money on that we never use and ends up in a closet somewhere.)

So that means if you were to just bring food from home to work and brew your own coffee and not buy everything you see on QVC you would not only be eating healthier but have more then enough cash to get yo ass in a gym or even hire a personal trainer for a few sessions a week. Save your dough and get in shape!


7. The gym is too far. Alright if your reading this most likely you live in the metropolitan area and that means you have access to public transportation. You can get any where in any major city by use of the bus or train in about 20-30 minutes tops so stop your shit, jump on the train and go work out.


8. It’s too hard. Take your time and start slow if your a little deconditioned. Again you can just start out by walking a few minutes a day or try to knock out a couple of push ups and squats. If you hire a trainer he or she will give you regressed versions of movements to help build you up. The point is just start something.


9. I’m not motivated. Motivation is all in your head, It's how you look at things, it's how you perceive situations. If you have already joined a fitness program or started to workout out on your own it was for a reason. Either to get away from the pain of feeling unfit or unhealthy or to move towards feeling better about yourself and the goal of looking better. Whatever type of motivation you used to start you on your path to meeting your goals it's your job to think about why you started and use that fear of pain or the attainment of pleasure to help give you that kick in the ass to get up and get moving.


It's all up to you to cut out the lame excuses and get moving!!

What are you gonna do??


Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201

pixel The top 9 excuses that ruin progress | Dan Salazar | Krankamania
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