In the first part of this series i talked about goals, resolutions, integrity and character. I also did a little bit of math to try to figure out what pace i need to set to reach my goal in the time frame i set for myself.


Quick review




195 @ 7% body fat in 13 weeks


I have to lose 1.2lbs of fat a week to meet the deadline.


For a complete review click here




Life of a coach


The life and schedule of a full time coach can be a bit hectic. 


I wake up every weekday at 3:30am to open the gym by 4:30am to get myself and the gym floor ready for the 5am clients. Waking up that early is something that you never get used to! 


I don’t make breakfast some days or even have the urge to eat anything that early in the morning. By the time i do get hungry i can’t just have a seat in the middle of a paying clients session to have a full big boy breakfast.


A few hours might pass by the time i even get to put anything in my system. At around 11am or 12pm when sessions are over I'm starving! No matter how much discipline you have go about that many hours without eating anything or just having a shake, you’ll want to eat everything in sight.


Now that all my morning sessions are done i head home to take a nap. I walk through my door, eat anything i can lay my hands on then fall asleep.


After i get up from my nap i eat again cause Im still hungry, check my email, voice messages and texts. That takes about an hour. Then get back to work but now from home. 


I start writing up some training programs, check in on clients that haven’t been coming in and follow up with some leads and prospects. 


Now i have to start my personal growth. I read a few articles off the web, crack open a book or just listen to an audio book while Im doing my household choirs. After that take the pooch for a walk then its back off to the gym. 


I try to get in some sort of workout. Im still beat by this time cause that nap did nothing for me. I knock out a few more one on one clients, may be a  small group or two then leave around 9pm. 


Holy shit! Im tired just writing this!!



Get back to the house, have dinner with my other half and spend some quality time. Head off to bed at around 10:30-11pm and stuff my face in a pillow till i have to do it all over again the following day.


On saturday and sunday i have a few clients at around 7am till late morning. The weekends is where i get to make up for all sleep i miss out on from monday till friday. 


Its a rough schedule but the work is rewarding!









In order for me to reach my goal in going to need to get a few things down.


  1. Exercise program
  2. Nutrition
  3. Supplements
  4. Recovery


Lets break each one down



1) Exercise program 


Since I haven’t really done anything physically productive i have to go back to back basics for awhile. 


Weeks 1-2


GPP (General Physical Preparedness)  


This phase of my training will help me improve conditioning, lifting performance and over health. This phase will be based on total body circuits and minimal rest time that get the blood flowing.


During these two weeks I'll be doing tons of body weight movements, sled drags, farmers walks, pushing the prowler and sandbag work. 


The exercises and types of movements vary but this phase will basically have me doing tons of work for 3 sessions a week.




Weeks 3-6




This phase will should put a little muscle on me and most definitely burn some unwanted fat. The rest times are short and the training volume will be somewhat high.  Ill be using a 8-12 rep scheme and as many as 5 sets.


Joint motion will still be balanced and ill do some work on the weak spots that can effect my my goals and health. Also I'm going to address all those little aches and pains i have so I'm not completely wrecked by the end of this. 


during this phase in still not monitoring my diet just not eating any crap. See # 2.



Weeks 7-11

Strength and speed
Now i start to throw up some heavier weight or put it up faster. By doing this i should be able to maintain my muscle mass and build some strength and speed which is always cool. 
I'm using a low volume higher intensity. Ill change up the intensity by either speed or weight. Ill be in the gym 4 days a week using a up lower split. Probably add a sprint day or two if i get board.
Now ill play with my nutrtion and start to use a carb rotation method. (explained in #2) 
Week 12-13
Maintain and Sweat
In this last two weeks of training ill be doing  upper/ lower splits, training 2 days a week in this fashion. The sessions will be really short. Warm up, knock out a few movements and I'm gone.
The training volume will be kept very low, lower then the last phase. Ill do this by cutting some of the sets and ill keep the same intensity may be gain some strength and (or) speed in the process while still holding on to my hard earned muscle.
Ill still stick to the carb rotation method.
During the other 5 days in the week ill either be on my skates. the the ring or doing some GPP work just to get myself moving and sweating.
2) Nutrition
This is going to be pretty simple. I've been eating shit, so all i have to do is not eat shit.
  1. Don't eat any type white or precessed carbs

             ex. Sugar. rice, bread, flour ect…

        2.  Eat a vegetable with at least 3 meals. 

        3.  Drink at least a gallon of water a day.

        4.  Avoid any drink with unnecessary carbs. Carb drinks are kept to pre and post workout.

        5. Eat 5-7 times a day.

That's it! For more details on some nutritional guidelines click              images 2 150x150 THE TUNE UP, PART 2




Note: I wont be using a low carb or no carb diet on this program. the goal I'm trying to get to isn't  really to crazy. I will be using a carb rotation  method. It's called by many different names but the idea is still the same. Just eat carbs around the time I'm going to use them. I'll consume most of my carbs in the morning or around the time I'm training.



3) Supplements


This is a touchy subject. Let me just say that the supplements i will be taking are only to make up for what my diet may be lacking nothing else. I really don't need much, I'm not trying to get super jacked, strong or become a world class athlete. 

Like i said earlier, i really don't get to eat to much and when i do get a chance to eat it's pretty much crap. So I'm going to have to settle for shakes, allot of them. 

Here's my list

  1. 100% whey protein
  2. Multi vitamin
  3. Active greens powder (vegetable supplement) 
  4. Fishoil


4) Recovery


Just sleep more!

Not really a tool however i will never meet my goal let alone continue to be a functioning member of society if i don't get enough of it.




That's the plan

So everything is pretty straight forward i don't think i need a super Russian monster training and nutrition regimen. Ill keep you guys post every few weeks on my progress and throw up some before and after pics.


Train hard, Train smart


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