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Every year millions of Americans make a promise that they soon forget about or give up on in a few weeks. Less than 10% of the US population actually has some success with their resolution. 

Here are a couple of quick tips that will most definitely keep you focused for 2015.  

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1. One thing at a time

I think the biggest mistake most people make that are trying to change their life is that they give themselves a million different resolutions at once. 

An experiment by Stanford University professor Baba Shiv was conducted where he collected several dozen undergraduates and divided them into two groups.

One group was a told to memorize two numbers and the other group was told to memorize seven numbers.  Then they were told to walk down the hall, where they were presented with two different snack options: a slice of chocolate cake or a bowl of fruit salad.

The students that had to remember seven numbers were twice as likely to choose the cake instead of the healthy option as oppose to the students that had to remember two numbers. 

The reason is that having to remember just those five little extra numbers was enough cognitive stress to inhibit them from making a healthy decision. 

Now imagine trying to fulfill a couple of new years resolutions. That's a shit load of cognitive stress. 

If you aim for 2 or 3, you'll hit none.
Stick with one main goal and see it through. 

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2. Get Accountability 

Just having a friend to hold you accountable to doing what you said you would do definitely brings up your chances of following through.  You can  tell your goals to a few close friends and family who will be honest with you. 

You do have one thing to consider… Do not, I repeat, do not choose someone that may bring you down. Energy is contagious, if that person is the type to normally give up on everything they try or extremely unmotivated you will be pulled in. 

You want people that are “batteries included”. If your dragging someone or pulling more weight then they are, eventually you will both give up.

Choose your partner wisely. 


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3. Be Super Specific Goals

I want to be fit; I want to lose weight, I want to make or save more money…

These are very very vague. Your not about that life, when you reach for vague you hit nothing. Let's get specific. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to reach that goal. 

For example, here are just some my goals for 2015:

Hit a 1400 total in power lifting by January 25th
Get to 7% body fat but July 12th
Present 3  Workshops throughout the year.
Beginner Nutrition: Jan 21st
Advanced Kettlebell Techniques: Feb 21st 
Girls guide to barbells: March 21st

These goals are very very specific. Have dates and specific outcomes. 

What are your goals?  

4. Forget about your goals

Yea I know I just sad to be specific with your goals but know that you have a real goal it’s time to make them happen, and this is how…

Focus on the actions you need to do consistently to get you closer to those goals. 

For example going off of my goals.

Hit a 1400 total in power lifting by jan 25th and get to 7% body fat by July. 

Both involve me getting to the gym at least 4 days a week, getting at least 6 hours of sleep, drinking a gallon of water a day and hitting my nutrition at least 80% of the time. 

See this way of thinking takes the stress out of it. 

I know where I’m going now all I have to do is follow the steps and not over think the end result. 

To make things even easier, I can just pick on thing that'll yield the best return on the time I put in. 

Go to the gym, everything else falls into place if I just do that one thing. 

 This is your Year | Dan Salazar | Best Gym In Brooklyn

5. Try It First

You will not execute your perfect plan perfectly the first second third or even forth time.  Life happens, and things come up. You may feel ashamed or talk down about yourself. I’m speaking from current experience, it really fu*king sucks to fail. 

Understand you are starting something new, even if it’s your 7th go around. You are learning about yourself which is the most important part. Give yourself a break and some time to learn. 

We’ve spent a pretty decent amount of time getting out of shape, not saving or whatever so it may take just that long to get out of that situation we put ourselves in. 

Practice, practice, practice, you'll get it. 

Keep moving 

Dan Salazar


P.S. If you you're frustrated with your fitness, lost or just don't know where to get started. Check your inbox over the next couple of day. We will be having a huge nutrition seminar packed with the info and tools you need to make sure 2015 is your best year yet. 



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