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Most of the time we just go through our days not really thinking about the things we do, what we say or how we act, I mean not really considering whats going on.


We are going through the motions of life chores at home, stuff at work even relationships with our significant others without much consideration.


Imagine if you took a second to really think about everything you do.


Are those motions REALLY fulfilling you?


Do they live up to the expectations you had of yourself as a child or even the expectations you had of yourself 5 years ago?

I mean most of the things we do have some thought behind it — I clean my house or apartment because I don't want roaches, I’m going to work because I need to make a living, I work out so I don't gain weight or to lose weight. But after doing these things every day, the your consciousness fades and you just go through the motions. You don’t need think anymore, you just do.


What would happen if we just paid more attention.


How would that change your life?


What would be different?

What if you thought first about cleaning your house because you wanted your family to come home to place that was warm and cozy so they can feel at ease and make them happy, you clean because you know that a clean home makes a calm mind. All of a sudden taking care of you home would be more important.
What if on your way to work you thought of not just making money, but that your going in to make a difference, to guide people with your gift, to help others, to change someones life?? 


You might think different about waking up so early to go to work.


I try my best to think that way, I don't all the time, but I do make that effort most of the time.


When I do I feel my life has purpose, my life is more fulfilled!!


Take a second or two before you do the next action at work or at home and think.


Why am I really doing this?


Is it to truly guide and help other people?


Is it to show someone how much you care about them?


To show appreciation?


To make a difference?


Try it out and your life will change a little bit!


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